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What is he thinking?!

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Ok...so if youve read my last posts you know my story. In a nutshell, my bf broke up with me and has said numerous times he would not change his mind. I had SOO much trouble with it for a while, but about 5 days ago i went NC without even telling him, and i think he got the message and didnt text or call me either.

Unfortunately, we work part time together at a food store. The other night he almost got into a fight with another guy i was working/flirting with. We dont work in the same deparement(accross the store from each other actually)He came over and waited for me to get off my shift and said if the guy even looked at me he would beat him up. What the heck?!?!?! He has no right, correct? Meanwhile, he was flirting with 2 girls the entire shift. He has no right to say/come over and do something like that with me. I found it entirely rude.


After that night we were still no contact, and just now he texts me and asks if i work tomorrow, which i do, so does he. Im pretty sure he already knew i was though. What gives? Ive been doing extremely well, if i do say so myself, considering i was a wreck last week. I feel like this might make things akward/weird/hard for me. IDK what he is thinking...i mean we arent buds now. he dumped me! Whats going on?

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