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raggin: n sex :(


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I once had a girlfriend who wanted to have sex while she was "raggin". Of course, I obliged, but really not my overall thing. My wife and I find other things to do during this period of time. She isn't much into that particular activity during that time. Guys have the same reaction as women. Some will, some wont.


The chances of pregnancy during periods are usually low but the chance does exist. Not sure if that is why he wanted to, thinking it was safer, but that isn't necessarily the case.

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on the rag, in public, behind closed doors, in the shower, bedroom, kitchen, living room, car friends house or party, sex is sex! lol


If you really care about someone, it shouldn't matter the situation, sex should be great. If you are uncomfortable with having sex while on yout period then you shouldn't do it but I do not find it gross. I actually like it. So does my Fiance.

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Standing up and having sex can be challenging. Not to mention you can't just prop you up against the shower wall (its slippery). Taking you from behind is possible but depending on how you line up with regards to length of legs and such. If he is having to get on tippy toes or if you need to lower yourself more. It can be done but you have to truly understand how your bodies align up.


Its not the size of his member that necessarily makes this difficult. There is much more to it. Guys just tend to focus on this one aspect. Try it outside of the shower first. See how things line up and how you can manuever to overcome.


Have fun. Communicate dont stop doing that.

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