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infected with genital herpes?? please help, i'm very scared

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i need some real help this time. saturday night i slept with a girl, a friend of mine, who i've known for several years but have never had sex with. i wore a condom and took a shower about an hour after we had sex and washed my genitals with regular bar soap. however, only about 2 hours ago (so about 24 hours after we had sex) i noticed i had a few small marks on the shaft of my penis. they look like very small zits or small pimples. they don't burn or itch or anything right now. as soon as i noticed it, i washed it off with antibacterial soap and put on some bacitracin and then washed my hands. like i said, i wore a condom but i wouldn't rule out that part of the skin on my penis was still exposed to her genitals.


i've been friends with this girl for a few years now and have never known her to have any diseases (although the subject never came up) but i'm very worried right now that i may have accidentally contracted herpes or cold sores. i don't know very much about this virus and since it's now 5am where i am, i can't run out to a doctor's office right now. from what i looked up so far, what i have looks similar to pictures i've found online and now i am very worried.


i plan on calling my doctor's office tomorrow and setting up an appointment to show my doctor and describe the situation.


right now i'm an emotional wreck, however. i tend to worry a lot about my health in general, and my mind is prone to running off and scaring myself with my own thoughts. i feel awful. i can't sleep (obviously) and i didn't get much sleep last night either, so i hope i'm just overreacting from lack of sleep or something, but i feel so horrible right now. there are a few other things that have been bothering me recently, small things, but i think i'm now roping all my concerns into one larger paranoid episode. i don't know what to do, i really need some advice. i feel like a jerk and i understand i really messed this one up.

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hey wanderer


i don't know anything about this, but just posting to tell you - that hang in there, it will all work out. I would advise you to try homeopathy. You did all the right things - so give yourself a little credit as well, and try to do something to take your mind off this until you do go and see a doctor.

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All you can do is see a doctor as soon as possible...if you have something, you'll be able to receive early treatment; and if you have nothing, it'll be a weight off your chest. I doubt it's herpes if it's not uncomfortable...probably just an irritation of some sort. Try not to stress yourself out over it!

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thank you everyone for your replies so far.


i was able to get some sleep finally (about 4 hours on and off) and i'm awake and moving again now. i put more bacitracin on it. i had no pain urinating today and i still have no itching or burning on the infected area. i'm going to head out to my doctor's office now and get checked out as soon as possible. i think you guys are right so far, it's so minor right now and is probably just a reaction to my existing stress and the fact that i have not been keeping the healthiest diet and sleep patterns recently. i hope it's the genital acne that danialjw posted a link to, because that description seems very accurate in describing where i am right now with this. thank you again for your support, i will be sure to keep you posted after i see my doctor.

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