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When to introduce kids to guy your dating?


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I just broke up with someone that I was seeing for 2 years. I have a 3 year old son. My ex and my son didn't spend a whole lot of time together, maybe my ex would see him 2 or 3 times a month. Anyway, this morning my son told me "c" was his best friend. I felt so bad because I know my son will never see him again. I tried to explain it to him the best I could.


My question is, the next time I start dating, how long should I wait before I introduce the guy to my son? I thought I was going to be with "c" forever and that didn't happen. Do kids get over this sort of thing relatively easy? I've have tried to explain to him that friends will come an go out of your lives. He seems ok with that but he is only 3, the next one might break his heart.

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Its not your fault it didnt work out. The fact you didnt have him round your son all the time is a good thing, that way he didnt have a chance to get TOO emotionally attached.


I think letting your partner see your son a few times a month was a good thing


Just make sure you introduce them slowly, until your sure...but then again you can never be sure of anything.

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I never introduced my son to anyone I was dating until I had been with them at least one year. It worked out very well that way. If they were there that long, they were a serious bf and did not vanish overnight. He only met two men, one whom I am still with today. My niece introduced her daughters to everyone she dated immediately. Two of them are in counseling and one has a court date for criminal activity later this month. They all say their mother's revolving door of men had something to do with this. I know not all children exposed to mom's dates will end up like this, but I played it safe and my son is now 20 and a successful college student.

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