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okay here's the story. i reconnected with this girl i used to know recently, we're both in the city, so long story short we exchanged numbers and decided to hang out.


a couple week or so later she calls me to hang out, this is a monday night, and we do and its very good rapport. then i text her wednesday, just to say like "hey how are you" and she answers me back "i have off from work tomorrow we should hang out!". so i say yeah, i'm down, and after i have a dinner that i was planning to attend we hang out in the evening. eventually listening to music, i held her hand before we were leaving and we kissed goodbye and she says "call me!"


promising, right?


so she asks me to hang out saturday, i suggest sunday instead, and it's a go. we go out to dinner last night and had excellent conversation. then we're suppsoed to go to a show, but shortly into it she has a headache so i agree to leave with her. anyway she just doesn't feel well, isn't saying much, and goes home. just kinda awkwardly hug goodbye and she waves at me.


so i texted her today to be like "how are you feeling today" and she says "better thanks" and a little while later i told her this funny thing that relates to last night and shes just like "oh okay". basically i was trying to see if she'd flirt a litle with texts but no go.


i know i can't overanalyze this, but should i even bother pursuing this? ii am pretty interested, and i THINK she knows that but not sure, and i don't know if she's interested, and i don't know how i'll know. advice????

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Either something happened that night and she made an excuse to get the hell out of there, or she was genuinely ill and is puzzled by your responses. Just try and act as you were doing before, and see what happens. If her enthusiasm wanes, then you know something happened that night. If not, then it's a go.

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O I think that you're fine with one exception: quit initiating all of the contact. I think you should pull the reigns in just a little. Let a few days pass before you call or text her. Give her imagination the room it needs to wonder about you. Don't make the classic mistake all people make when they like someone.

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thanks for all the suggestions guys!!


keefy, i'm just wondering what you classify as the "classic mistakes".


i totally agree that i should keep my space for now, for a few days at least. she should be the one contacting me.. I just wonder how much time is too much time before we lose any chance of what we could have going?

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