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I cried today over a cat.


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I bawled my eyes out over a cat that isn't even mine. I used to housesit for a guy, and he had this cat that was unbelievabley adorable. She is getting put down today. Over the past year, I've been very depressed, and found myself in weird thinking patterns.


I didn't feel that initial shock when you find out someone has died, or something has died. I don't even remember crying over my own cat years ago, but that was a different story. I like thought after I was told today; "shouldn't I care more?", and then got in the car, and eventually cried my eyes. See the rub is, I was thinking that I should care more, and thereforeeee that got me sad. Another thing is, the cat represented happier times, where i havent been to hell and back. I was with my first EX (as bf and gf) back then. When I last saw the cat, she was more distant, and i was less inclined to befriend her. It felt different.


Anyway, Im not sure if i was crying because I actually felt for the cat, or if I just was upset because I felt that a part of me longed to go back.

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i don't know - i am like that too - i get more affected by an animal's death in some ways than people. animals are really loving, they depend completely on you. people are different. sure, they can touch your life, but there's something about that unconditional love from a dog or cat and their soft fluffiness which makes them so precious.

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