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Masturbation - am I normal


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I'm a 17year old girl and am worried that the way I masterbate is abnormal.


When I was about 13 yrs old, I came accross my old baby bouncer (the type that hangs from door frames and lets babies boing up and down). Out of curiosity I hung the thing up and cut a long story short ended up sitting naked in it and having the most amazing organsm.


It was so good that I ended up making some modifications to the bouncer (i.e. a bigger harness) and used it more and more to enjoy myself.


I'm now 17 and still use the baby bouncer to orgasm from time to time. I don't know why I have such great orgasms when using it, but I can't match the feeling I get bouncing up and down in the thing!


The problem is the bouncer is obviously not designed to hold the weight of a 17year old girl and I've noticed that some parts look like they might not last much longer. I've also noticed some cracks in the wall above the door frame.


I am considering buying a new baby bouncer and carrying on, but I know this is not a normal way to orgasm and think I would like to stop, but only if I can recreate the feeling in another way.


I haven't discussed this with any of my friends as I'm worried they will just think it is plain weird. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had any similar experiences and offer any advice please...or am I just abnormal?



Ellie x

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I've never heard of this exact thing, but I know lots of women including myself that found very strange ways to masturbate when they where young. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. As you try new things it might be worth while to push yourself to find other ways to come. It feels strange at first to come with a different sensation, but you can figure it out. Otherwise I don't see any harm in what you’re doing.

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I think you should find other ways of masturbation. Sure, that was all fine and good at 13, but you need to explore your own body and sensations for a while, without an aid. Try getting to orgasm through many different means..explore yourself! On your back, sitting up, blah blah -- find what feels good for you so you can actually do it with a sexual partner some day!

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lol....this is funny. I have a mental image of a 17 year old masterbating on a baby bouncer! LMAO I dont mean to put you down, in fact, I think it's ingenius. I would seriously have never thought of that, and I'm quite the freak! LOL


To address your question, if the bouncer is really important to you, buy a new one and modify it like you did the previous one, but with the modifications that will allow it to suspend from a stud in the ceiling. That may help with destroying the door jam. Also the suspension sex toys may help or might give you an idea of how to modify your bouncer so that it will handle your weight and can be hung from a stronger place. Good luck!

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Wow, thanks for all the replies.


I have tried other ways (i.e. vibrator etc) but always come back to the bouncer.


I do occasionally feel guilty after using it, but I really don't know if I could stop even though I know I probably should. It gives the most amazing sensation all through my body.


But I am worried about getting caught by my mom or the thing breaking (the instructions say its only meant to hold 25lbs...oops!). As for the cracks in the wall, don't know how serious they are but they definitely werent there a few months back. Luckily no one has noticed them yet.


I have modified it by adding a larger harness made out of an old night gown (mom thinks I lost it!). The rest of the bouncer has been pretty good holding me but lately seems to be showing the strain a bit. I guess I could buy a new one and this might give me a few more months enjoyment. Could turn out to be an exensive hobby though!


I have kept it a secret for so long, it feels good to discuss it with people on here. Thanks


Oh and by the way, don't worry, its my old baby bouncer from when I was little so its not still used for babies!



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I don't want this to sound rude or anything...but I'm majoring in criminology...and when we studied "people who like young children" they often used things that associated with babies to masturbate...so yeah.


I don't think this has anything to do with that at all. It isn't the thought of it being a babies swing(especially since it was her own) that turned her on...it just happens that the swing is setup and moves in a sexually appealing motion.

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i_win - you are entirely correct.


I don't know what exactly it is about it, could be the swinging sensation or the bouncing, or just being up in the air - but the feeling is amazing.


When sitting in the harness, I can rub myself against the cloth by moving my hips and bum back and forth...its really difficult to explain.

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I think the only problem here is what you could be doing to the wall. That could be a hard one to explain to the parents.


What I would do is tell them you've noticed cracks above the door. If you can get someone to look at it you can find out if you are causing it, or if it's something else.


I think you do need to find a way to make this more safe and less destructive on the house. I know they have sex swings, but I guess those are for two people (not very informed). There are some websites you could browse to see if you find something that looks similar.

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I don't want this to sound rude or anything...but I'm majoring in criminology...and when we studied "people who like young children" they often used things that associated with babies to masturbate...so yeah.



I am not really getting that it has anything to do with children as much as it is the swinging/bouncing as another poster said so I think this is kind of out there..

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Sophie - Yes that could be difficult to explain.


Especially if it turns out it is me causing it - then it would be very uncomfortable. I can't believe it is me. But they definitely have apeared since i've been using the door frame. I've tried to see if the cracks get bigger when the frames holding my weight but can't see.

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You are 100% normal haha. This does not make you crazy, just makes you creative. You probably really aren't the only one who does this.


At sex stores, i've seen many different types of equipment that may just resemble something like that. I've shopped at sex stores when i was under 18, but some do require your id when you walk in, so you could either wait until you are of age or you could shop online and purchase an item, might be hard if your mom lives with ya though. You could try to find another way,but after doing it one way for so long that may be kinda difficult. But hey, some women can't even get all the way to orgasm so be glad you have them any way you can.

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I wouldn't tell my friends lol.

Then again I don't talk about any of them about masterbation.

And yes. It's normal. I have heard of some women who use vegetables, other foreign objects to put inside, and others who use the washing machine, massagers, etc (can't think of the many other possibilities right now.)

But I still would keep it to myself,,,


just my opinion.

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