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I'm 19 years old. I have had one official boyfriend who i dated for three years. We broke up over a year ago and I have been single ever since. I've liked about six guys in that time but all ended up dead ends. I've had sex with five people in my life. I'm pretty confident, I go out loads esp cos i'm at uni. I quite like myself, certainly don't dislike myself. I find it easy to talk to guys and such and don't have a problem just going upto people in like clubs.

However, I feel like I just won't meet anyone again. I just want to like someone that wants to be more than FWB as I am currently just dragging myself out of one of them situations which I found was very hard on my heart. I'm tired of feeling alone and it makes me act kind of crazy, like hit on potential people I might like who are my friends when deep down they are the last thing I want. I just feel so totally lonely without someone to like. I fear that i may be stuck like this forever and i know that's ridiculous but it's just so hard to try and believe that i can find love in the future.

Just wanted to vent tbh.

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i used to say this too...and people would say this to me. And guess what, I'm 33 now and I've run out of time and have nothing to show for it.


Sorry, but comments like this get on my nerves because of my own failures.


33 is nowhere near "run out of time"...there are people older than that who are getting married (or remarried) every day. Don't lose hope. I think that is the one thing that can truly defeat you.

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aww try to cheer up you sound like you'll get that guy some day. Heck it seems impossible sometimes to find that special person and to be honest it's become easier over the years to be fine without someone. I typically can't find someone that isn't self-absorbed or selfish and actually knows what it takes to live. So really all we can do is just keep our heads up and keep going. I more or less used to feel that way at 19 as I just split up with my gf at that time and had been dating her for 3.5 years. I now have changed my view where I don't feel the need to be with anyone. Even the FWB situation has come up, but I won't bite cuz how you feel is more or less an indication of my hunch anyways.


I dunno what else to say, if u need to vent u've come to the right place as it's good to just get it out and I know myself I'll try my best to help those in need of advice or insight. One day you'll find a guy that treats you right and is everything you could ever ask for it just takes faith and to be open to the possibility. It might just take a while is all heh.

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