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one of my exes used to call me 'duckling'. It was cute at the time... I guess...


I used to call my ex who was part Greek "mikri papi mou" which is my little duckling. In addition there were various other 'little...' somethings depending on my mood and i used to change it from time to time. My favourets were


My little... duck, rice crispy, bean, cocopop, sussage, moro mou (greek again for my babe), or just little one. It was somewhat of a misdiscription as he was taller than me. He however was always my little boy. never thought of him growing old - LOL.

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We both called each other "baby" on the regular. Plus...


She was from Oaxaca so I called her...


- Mi Papaya Pequeña

- Mariposa

- Grizzly (because she SNOOOOORED SO LOUD!!!)


And she called me...


- Coqueto (because she said I was such a flirt when she met me)

- Dear (because the first time she said it, I said I liked the way it sounded)

- Guapo

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We dont really have names - I do call my SO 'bugalugs' sometimes and he always calls me 'sweetheart'. Apparently he has never called a gf sweetheart.


We sometimes say elephant shoes insted of i love you (when you say it looks like your saying i love you). (Long story behind that).


My last bf ( i was 19 when we met and we were together 4 years) and I had some crazy nicknames - like shnufffeloupulos and things like that. HAHAA

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