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He turned up on my doorstep...

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I was at home just now and a knock at the door. Its him - my ex of 6 weeks.


I had no time to fret or prepare for this meeting but I think/hope I handled it fairly well. I answer the door and he says Hi, I am just on the way to my parents for Christmas but wanted to bring these for you. He'd bought me 3 CD's by my favourite band. I said Hi and smiled, asked him in, offered him a drink and we sat chatting for an hour.

Lots of smiles, a few laughs.

When he left he asked for a hug, which we did, then pulled away and for a brief moment thought he was going to kiss me but he didn't.

Then he left, wishing me a nice Christmas and Birthday (on the 27th).

2 minutes later he texts me - "Sorry about the awkward moment,(the near kiss) instinct told me to kiss you. Was good to see you again."

I texted back - "No need to apaologise, was good to see you too, and thank you for the cd's. Take care."


Its the first time in 6 weeks I've seen him and the first time in 6 weeks I've even heard his voice. It was nice. I just hope he thought the same.

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Hi There,


Maybe this way was better as it didn't give you time to obsess over how you would act when you did see him.


My experience has been that when I first saw my ex after 6 weeks of being broken up and 5 weeks of NC, I wanted to kiss him too (and we did).


Do you think he is interested in getting back together with you?


Are you interested in getting back with him?

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Do you think he is interested in getting back together with you?


Are you interested in getting back with him?

Me - I would get back with him, but not like it was before, I'd have to learn to trust him again, and there are things I would have to do to get us 'back on track'. I think he maybe saw me as too clingy when we were together, neither of us had a social life away from one another, so thats something we'd have to work on if the situation got to that stage..


Him - I really don't know if thats what he wants. He could have bought me those gifts before he left me, or when he thought we could stay friends.


I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much because I realise it could have just be a kind gesture and meant nothing more than that.

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It is indeed a kind gesture and I don't know your ex so I couldn't say his intent... but-- not a word for 6 weeks and then he just shows up?


What lead to you breaking up- was it that you had no life outside each other?


Who initiated it?


He left me. Didn't really give much reason other than he wasn't happy anymore. I'm 34 and he's 23 so I thought that may have had a hand in it, maybe he felt he needed to experience life more, whereas I'm more settled with my own house etc. But I also think the social life thing could have something to do with it (thats me guessing though)


We texted a little for the first 2 weeks (me asking him to reconsider etc, him just wanting to make sure I was ok - that kind of thing), I've been NC for 1 weeks after a brief text last week which was very short and friendly, and NC for 2 weeks previous to that.

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Actually I agree with OP...and try not to read too much into this. It's great that he was so nice and sweet and the meeting went so well. But that doesn't mean he's looking to get back together. It could just be that he misses her over the holidays and he's just a really nice guy. But one thing's sure: he's thinking of her and that's a great thing.


I do agree that this may open some doors to at least seeing if a friendship is possible. But only if you're ready and only if you're not hoping for too much and setting yourself up for another disappointment/heartbreak. Take care of yourself first!

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