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Child smacking

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Hey everyone,

Was just wondering what are everybodies views on child smacking?

i was hit as a child,and believe that in some ways it has affected me mentally,and obviously i wish it hadnt happened.

i personally dont agree with it,i feel that no matter how angry or frustrated a parent gets with their child,the child did not ask to be born,and thereforeeee you are punishing them for their existence.-though some people believe that child smacking is affective in teaching their child how to behave.i would just like to know peoples views on this?im not biased at all i really would like to hear opinions from both sides


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I believe that the only lesson a child gets if they are hit, is to hit.


If I walk up to you as an adult and smack you one every time you do something stupid.....we would all be walking around black and blue.


Personally, I do not believe hitting is good. It's like people who swear to much, not enough intelligence to expand their emotional dictionary.


Same with hitting. There are many other methods to correct things.


Just my opinion



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i totlally diagree with smacking a child, i believe that there are other ways in which you can punish a child for bad behavour, you can take away something which they like or enjoy doing, i dont think that smacking a child is an effective way of getting them to do what they are told, some children may rebel against this as they become older or may do this to their children but on a greater scale, so in response, i believe that it is wrong to smack a child because they cant defend themselves.


just my P.O.V

~ lee


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anyone who smacks a child outta get smacked himself. what can a child do to protect himself it is like if Aarnold schwarzanager came up to you and walloped you one up-side the head if he mearly didnt agree with what you did or said. that is simply not fair to do, I also believe that taking away something he\she enjoys is more effective than any amout of physical damage you could give. If you need to resort to violence to make your child behave how do you think he will grow up? oh and swing fox "smacking" as it were is were you take your hand and swipe it against the childs face. that is slaping in my opinion anyone who slaps is girly in the first place if you do intend to hurt your child that much use a fist you girly loser. the only thing I would use in extreme cases is maybe a spanking, but they would have to do something pretty bad for me to do that. welp there are my opinion =}

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I am a mom of a one year old and would like to know how the folks who don't thik she should get her hand slapped think I should discipline her. You can't reason with someone who knows words, but is incapable of conversation. My child is at an age where she she knows that when I tell her no, it means to stop what she's doing or about to do, but not quite old enough to understand that she needs to listen because I am her mother. My parents used spankings for punishment when I was a kid and of course I hated it, but they were'nt supposed to be my friends, they were supposed to be my parents. It's just not a role that's going to win you too many popularity contests when they're still young. But it's something I've expressed gratitude to the both for as an adult. My best friend growing up had very liberal parents that allowed her to do and say as she pleased. As a result of that, he and her brother both are completely unable to deal with authority. (ie a boss at work) This doesn't mean that spanking or even had slapping is always the answer, though. As a parent I think it's very important to set guidelines for yourself so that you're a little less tempted to act out of frustration. My father told me recently what the guidelines for spanking my brother and I were and it's a policy I will carry on with my own daughter. He only spanked us if we had done something that could get us seriously injured or in the event of open defiance to him or my mother. It makes sense. Clearly my daughter is not old enough to comprehend the act of defying her parents, but when she is, and decides to try it out, she will be spanked. She will have ample warning to curb her behavior first, of course. And for right now, my daughter is not allowed in the kitchen. My cat litter, cleaning chemicals, and hot pots and pans are kept in there. For about a week every time she went in there I would tell her to get out and gesture so she knew what I meant. If after asking her to get out three times she stayed, she would be spanked. She rarely ever ventures into the kitchen anymore, and never when I'm not in there. I'd rather be unpopular for a while for popping her diaper-padded bottom than have her injest cleaning fluid or burn herself when I'm in the bathroom. Spanking your children has absolutely nothing to do with punishing your child for existence and everything to do with wanting that child to grow up to be a responsible adult. This involves helping your child to learn to make decisions on their own. Because my daughter knows the consequences, she chooses not to go into the kitchen where she could be hurt or even killed. It is important to set boundaries for children. They need to know who's in charge. And if you don't discipline your children at home, how do you think they'll act in public. How many times have we all been in a public place and seen children running amuck and acting like fools and shook our heads that the parents are not in control. It starts and ends at home. I'd never strike my child in public because I don't wish to humiliate her, only discipline her. I'd never strike my child with a closed fist or any object. But I have and will continue to pop her on the butt when she's doing something that could get her killed. I do it because I love her and couldn't bear to see anything happen to her. I do it because I have a vested interest in how she turns out. And I do it because I look forward to the day that she calls me as an adult and thanks me for setting rules, boundaries and expectations for her because it has enabled her to keep and job, finish school, etc. The notion that parents shouldn't spank b/c it somehow sends the message that the children are being punished for existence is laughable to me. Does the person with this view thik that since the parents opted to have a child they should just allow the child to do anything they want with no consequence simply because they didn't ask to be born? How does that prepare a child for life? You can't run around acting as you please because you didn't ask to be born as an adult, and how would an adult ever know that if they'd never been punished for making a poor choice. I am absolutely not saying that it is the only way to discipline ever. When my daughter is old enough to have a conversation I will gladly take her aside and explain that she is doing something wrong. Give time-outs, groundings, etc. But discipline has to start as soon as a child knows what the word no means and ignores it. My child has no idea what a time-out is. I can't ground a toddler. And the posts made by those not in favor of spankings once in a while have the distinctive ring of something said by a person who has no children. Until you have your own children to care for and worry about and be solely responsible for the kind of adults they turn out to be, You are not qualified on commenting on how to raise them.

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slapping in the face for any reason is a huge no no...however spankings is different all together...take away the favorite toy and they find a new favorite toy...time out gives them more time to think of what to do next....maybe if people would spank their kids a little more these days then maybe parents would not be scared of their own kids....my niece is 6 and was so out of control two years ago that my brother didnt know what to do...they did not spank her all they did was take toys and send to the room...it got to a point where the child was talking back to them and not behaving....so they let her live with me for about six months...and since she left my home they have not had problems with her..They have since stopped the taking of toys and time out crap and started poping her butt when needed...think what you want...spanking does not case damage in the long run or short for that matter....

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I have to agree with Jamorales - there is a HUGE difference between smacking or slapping a child in anger - and disciplining a toddler who doesn't have the language skills to appreciate the danger of say, a hot stove. It sounds MUCH easier in theory than in practice - childproof your home, keep an eye on him or her... has anyone with multiple children tried to keep an eye on two active toddlers in a friend's house that ISN'T completely childproof on a holiday? It can be an accident waiting to happen - and the consequences of a light pop on the hand and "NO, HOT!" are much milder than a burn from a hot stove! You can't keep an active toddler tied to your side 24/7, and let me tell you, any childproofing device ever made is nothing more than a challenge to them to figure out how to get AROUND it. Is it something that should be used as the first line of discipline? Of course not, but there are situations that the danger from them not listening right away is much greater than from a light disciplinary pop from a parent. I went into parenting with the full bookwork and everything, and tried everything possible in "positive reinforcement" and "removing priveleges," and sometimes, they just plain do NOT work.

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I will have to take the opposing viewpoint here and say that I do not believe in hitting a child for any reason whatsoever. I have found that using a strong voice is very effective in disciplining my children. Combining that with other methods like time outs, taking away privileges, etc works.


How can we tell our children that it is wrong to hit others, yet it is ok for us to hit them.


Speaking as a child who was spanked very frequently by my parents, I can say that all it did was make me afraid of them. I didn't learn to do things because they were right. I did them because I was terrified of being hit again. And I refuse to have my children grow up afraid.

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Anybody that needs to smack their child has a serious lack of empathy and communication skills. The child is supposed to be able to trust their parents no matter what, and hitting/slapping/spanking the child is a major breach of trust. You don't solve problems by hitting a child in face or on the bum. You need to ask yourself why the "problem" that deserved a smack came about to begin with. Maybe a little more interest in the child's emotions could solve it. Just a tad. If you smack your child or act like a neanderthal ape like that, you don't deserve to be a parent.

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