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  1. I'm new to the dating scene and need some advice. I went on 2 dates with someone off bumble. We have tons in common, the conversation flows and we have had a great time both times (he told me he had a great time). We went for drinks and watched a sports game the first date , and went bowling and played arcade games the 2nd date . After our first date he waited 2 days to contact me and asked me on another date. After our second date, 3 days went by and i didnt hear from him, so I messaged him and asked if he wanted to get together again when I return from my trip. He replied immediately and
  2. Hello again! Kinda sucks that I'm back here and haven't fully moved on yet but it is what it is. This break up has taken a toll on me. Super brief recap: Its been exactly a month today of PRETTY MUCH no contact (will discuss brief contact below). We were together for 8 months. Im 30, hes 33. Im the longest relationship he has had in 4 years. I really cared/ care about him. He broke up with me while he was drunk and seemingly out of the blue. Was super rude to my friends and I that night. Ignored me the whole night. Was flirting with another girl infront of me. Making fun of me to his frie
  3. Hello ! Thank you so much for your response. I totally agree that I got really upset with him our last conversation , said some things I didnt mean but i was so hurt at that time for how he had treated myself and my friends. Im not a bitter person by any means and keep thinking to myself i should apologize to him as he did try and apologize for his behavior that drunken night. Im just so torn up and messed up i don't think i have the strength to talk to him at all right now . I also agree about the gay thing. He certainly has said a few odd things in bed and in general has a very odd vibe bu
  4. Thank you for your response and your story. It really means a lot to me to hear what other people have gone through. And... I sure as heck hope this feeling starts to get better . sooner than later would be good.
  5. Hello ! Thank you for your question. Im very sorry i didn't respond to other questions. I will respond from now on. Honestly im so lost and confused that every question is running through my head. Im not sure if hes gay. I'm leaning now more towards that he's not . my friends tell me they think he is but I'm thinking they just want to make me feel better.
  6. im not sure why I didnt block his number. Guess i just figured that it didnt matter anyways. Not like he will try and contact me.
  7. Its been exactly a week since the break up. One week no contact at all. Iv blocked him from everything except phone number. (Also just wanted apologize for all the posts iv recently made. i just want everyone to know that i have read every single response in my previous threads with a fine tooth comb and greatly appreciate all the advice. I just haven't had the heart to respond to anyone directly yet) Im struggling still. I had one day where I felt pretty good. Felt like I was accepting the reality. But today, im Struggling really bad. My mind is taking me to dark places. Im thinking
  8. I recognize I'm in a denial phase, and also in the very early stages of a break up. I could possibly be grasping at straws or trying to protect myself, But i just cant help but to think that a part of him must regret his decision to end things with me... Does a man regret breaking up with someone who treated him really well? Who they have pretty much everything in common with? Someone whom they had tons of fun together? Who supported them through all the good and bad? The sex was always great. His friends loved me. I'm a good person and worked hard for the life i have... I have a good head
  9. My boyfriend of 8 months broke up with me out of the blue. Things we're going so well. We had fun every time we were together. The sex was always great. We were supportive of each other. His friends liked me and my friends liked him. We had the same future goals and everything in common . He told me everyday how He thinks i'm beautiful and can't wait to see me again. He brought out such a good side of me. The best side i have ever seen in myself. I was good to him and loved him. I thought he loved me too. I saw myself old with him. Im 30 and have never ever felt that way about anyone. The
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