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  1. So my ex-boyfriend was pretty to me for over two years. I moved to Fl twice for him. He put a page on myspace about me telling lies like I cheated on him n was a and a stripper and stuff! So he treated me like you wouldnt believe with this girl he liked for over 3 years and after all he put me through i said i could onyl take him back if they werent friends. He says I am being immature but I dont think so because he used to even stay the nightwith her and lie bout it when i asked him not to. He wont leave me alone and I dont know what to do! I think it would b a big mistake to be with him. Im trying to work out so I look good when he comes to visit his family and stuff cuz he said he wants to see me. Should I leave him alone? I get sick of him telling me he still loves me after everything has done
  2. Well I don't know about this one. My BF and I have a great relationship really. We hardly fight typical disagreements and that but not truly fighting about much. So Friday night the kids were staying at my mom's house and we decided to go out. Have not went out in months and thought it would be fun. So we go to the bar have several beers play some games and everything is going great. We decided it was time to leave and he asked to go the bar down the street or to the strip club. I thought the strip club was a joke of course. He knows how I feel about that. So I said yeah sure why not lets go. So we went to the strip club I was unhappy about it but felt like a fool as well for saying lets go. So we go in and he says lets play pool. So we go over to the pool tables and sit down. We were sitting there talking and things were ok. Then I had to go the restroom. I come back and he sitting where I left him with his arm around a stripper talking to her. So I sat down down said I was leaving and he said let me go to the restroom and we go. I walked out and waited by the car. He came out said nothing to me got in and we came home. He unlocked the door let me in and left. I walked int eh house thinkign he was right behind me. I realized he had left and called his cell. He said was getting ciggarettes and would be right back. I was already really mad so I started throwing some of my kids clothes in the car as well as my own. He came back asked if I was leaving him then and I said well if I deserve no respect from you than for you to be trying to pick up stripper right in front of me then droppign me off and leaving without so much as saying anything then why should I stay? He said he did not want to pick up a stripper that he just wanted to know that he still could. He said he left so that I would cool off a bit. I did not leave we have not talked about it anymore. I cannot help but feel that the trust I have always had for him has been shattered though. What do I do? What do I say at this point? I love him he has been that father that my shildren have not had in their lives.
  3. Just looking through some of the latest posts... Seems its "guys being guys" if they want to go to a Bachelor Party with strippers, and that women are suppose to just 'shut up and deal with it.' But, if a girl wants to go with some girlfriends to Cancun for a vacation, she's not 'dateable' because she 'parties too much' (Never mind that the girls might not even GO to a bar or have any desire to star in a Girls Gone Wild Video)... Sounds like a double standard - just opening this up for discussion....
  4. ok this might sound like a stupid question,buti am genuinly curious.. as a woman obviously i will never go to a stag do, so i was wondering what generally happens at them? for instance is there ALWAYS a stripper? how long do they usually last in general? does the location matter or is it the fact yu will be with mates having a good time etc, i dont knw anyone going to one, i was just thining about it and was curious
  5. So a few of us went to a strip club. This one guy took his girlfriend along. So I'm talking to his girlfriend, he's not around. I've met her a few times, but this was the first time that I spoke to her properly and got to know her. We go to look for him, and he's talking to a few strippers. We go sit next to him and his friends... next thing the one stripper starts giving him and some other guys a lapdance. His girlfriend told me she was going to cry, was feeling sick, and wanted to go somewhere else.. she probably felt like she was being cheated on. So I told her to tell her boyfriend, I mean he was sitting next to her. Then the stripper gives her a lapdance. I could see she was totally grossed out. She told me again she felt sick and wanted to leave. I then got a lapdance. A few minutes later, she bursts into tears, gets up and leaves. Should I feel bad that I didn't leave and comfort her? I knew she wasn't coping well with the situation and was hurt. But either I could have sat there and had fun with friends, or gone to comfort some girl whose boyfriend was right there. I felt like it wasn't my duty to help her. However I was the only one who knew how she felt, but even so, she's 20 years old, and if she didn't want a stripper rubbing herself on her, she could have stopped it. So did I act incorrectly, or am I just worrying for nothing?
  6. first post here...and im sure you guys will remember this one.... After a breakup my buddies decided i needed some...unique...healing. So we went to a strip club. Now let me preface all of this by telling you that im a tall guy, im 6'6 and have always DREAMED of finding a woman who is 6'0-6'2, brunette, loves kids...etc. etc. etc. this isn't about my type haha. So i wasn't really having fun, i was hurting as im sure you can understand...but then...the most beautiful woman i've ever seen walked right by me and smiled (as she is paid to do, im not stupid i promise haha) Anyway she came back later and did her sales pitch for the private dance, and i accepted just because wow... After we were done she stuck around surprisingly. She said she could tell somethin was wrong with my life because i kept staring at her eyes instead of what the other guys stare at. She offered to be my bartender for the night and i spilled my guts to her thinking it didn't really matter and i'd never see her again. She listened really intently (i thought she was gunna try to sell me another dance but she didn't the entire night). And looked like she wanted to hug me 9/10 times. I know this is what they do to get your money...like i said...im not stupid, but it felt good to open up on a stranger. Anyway when i was done i asked her about herself, how she got into this job and questions like that. Turns out shes the first person from her family to go to college and is a full-time student. When she turned 18 she said all her male friends joked about how awsome she would be as a stripper so she tried it for a week to see if she would be any good...more of a joke than anything...and ended up making $3000 . I was amazed, and asked her major, she is majoring in elementary education and special education (my major) and although im sure being a stripper will come back to haunt her later in life she seemed confident that it wouldn't because there were no pictures taken of her and she never lets men touch her. So we talked the entire night, my buddies got an absolute kick out of this and have been ragging me the last few days. Heres the weird part: Shes perfect, shes 6'2, brunette, medium skin toned, gorgeous and loves kids... At the end of the night i thanked her for serving as my bartender and smiled, as i got up to leave she asked me out, gave me her phone number and looked me dead in the eye and said, "I really hope my working here won't keep you from calling me...." And i left. I called and it was a real number, she wants to go out for coffee... IM DATING A STRIPPER!!!!! is she trying to sell me another private dance?! If so shes really going that extra mile haha...or did she really see something she liked
  7. sorry about not responding a little earlier, my buddies and i went away for the weekend to do some fishin. Anyway, if you remember my last post (or if there is a way you can read my last one...i don't know) i was all set to go out for coffee with this stripper who had danced for me at a club. She had given me her number and asked me out so i thought it was a good idea...you guys warned me to have my guard up so i did... I got over to her apartment to pick her up and she invited me in while she finished getting ready. I had all the red-flag detectors on full blast for this so i went in and had a seat. A normal looking apartment...nicely decorated, she had a cat...and flowers were everywhere. So while she fixed her hair i waited on the couch waiting for her to shout, "30 dollars and ill give you a quick dance before we leave sexy...." but she never did. In fact the entire time we were out there was no mention of her profession. She dressed completely normal, showed no cleavage and wore some normal jeans...i was expecting a halter top and mini-skirt. And she was nice, i'm still treating it as a friends thing so the conversation flowed easily. We talked about me, what i was going to school for...what my plans were for when i got out, things like that. I asked hers, then we talked about our favorite movies and sports teams...things like that. She at least seemed to be in tune with her masculine side haha she knew all about carson palmer being intentionally dropped by kimo von ohlhaffen (sp?) in the bengals playoff game last year (keep all opinions on that out of the thread please...except for mine...which is that we were robbed...) and got pretty pissed off when we were talking about it which struck me as extremely hot haha. Then came the one point that people told me to watch out the most for...the payment. As i was going for my wallet, she reached for her purse, began digging through it, and pulled out her part of the bill. No questions asked, she saw me staring at the money and said, "hey, its just coffee for now right?" and smiled real big at me. I walked her home and we talked more, just random things...whatever came to our mind. Then the second red flag opportunity presented itself....standing by her apartment building we said our goodbyes, she smiled, put her hands on my shoulders and gave me a kiss and said she had a great time. I told her i did too, she smiled real big again, asked me to call her and then went inside. That was it, nothing stripper about the girl...i was even looking her arms for needle marks but there were none thank god.... I dunno...where do i take this from here? So far she seems pretty normal...
  8. What is the best workout dvd in your opinion? I was thinking about Carmen Electra's striptease or Yoga booty ballet or bellydancing. I want it not only for a cardio benefit but something sexy to share with my fiance....any suggestions for the best?
  9. So my boyfriend is out of town tonight, at a bachelor party. He's with his sister's fiancé, his friends, his uncles, etc. They went golfing, and then of course, to the stripppers, then to party with the ladies after. I couldn't go to the bachelorette party because I'm not legal for another month and a half. So I'm at home, having major insecurites about the strippers. My boyfriend hasn't gone since before he met me ... I've never been so I don't know what it's like, maybe I'm imagining something way worse, but I worry. He always tells me I'm beautiful and have a great body, I'm not completely happy with it, I'm working on changing it, so I'm insecure. I worry he'll find them more attractive because they have great bodies, they're "sexual", the way they dance is meant to turn them on... I feel kind of ridiculous but I don't know how to overcome this. I'm going out tonight so I don't think about it... But I wish I could get rid of these insecurities. It shouldn't matter if he sees strippers... Any advice??
  10. Ok so I know that when the lady decides to let her boyfriend go to see strippers its NOT supposed to be a big deal. I already read a thread and most women agree that letting their boyfriend see strippers wasn't a concern at all and they didn't mind. See for me it does bother me to some extent and i told my boyfriend about 2 weeks ago that if he went to see strippers it would probably make me jealous and so he said "Well i have no need to see strippers and i wouldn't go expecially if it bothers you." So i call my boyfriend tonight after my soccer game to see whats up and he tells me that hes drinking and watching strippers. Of corse i got that feeling of jealousy (or w/e u wana call it) but also i felt a little upset that he went and did that after he said that he wouldn't want to make me feel like this. I'm just wondering if I have any right to be upset about this? I don't want to make a big deal out of it and seem controlling or something. But i wont lie, i do feel a little upset
  11. my bf goes out to a strip club with a few of his buddies. he says these girls will do whatever he wants. he says i shouldn't worry and it's not cheating unless there's penetration. i srongly disagree. i don't think it's okay for him to be doing anything with a stripper other than watching her dance. advice please!
  12. male-16 so ive posted here before and im still stuck on the same issue but not really. my last post in april was asking the question if i am truly gay. and i'd like others input upon the situation. heres a quick overview..... theres been the thought in the back of my head sicne 8th grade..that summer i looked at gay porn for the first time and it turned me on so that reinstated the question, am i gay. and my freshmen year i had a crush on a senior guy who was openly gay. nothing happened sadly but then sophmore year towards the end i had my first "gay" experience. someone i didnt like gave me head and it didnt bother me at all. if i wasnt gay....then i would have minded and been like uh....no. i was horny and regret it happening because i didint like the kid but i enjoyed it.......there still a thought in my head though....am i straight?? now today me and a close friend(whose a girl and shes drop dead gorgeous) did a lapdance video fom Carmen Electra Striptease. and i looked over and i didnt feel anything, like sexual attraction... the previous day i was hangind out w/ friends and one of them is openly gay and he called his 2 friends up, who are also openly gay and we went swimming. i kept staring at one of them, omg his eyes are soooo gorgeous and he has an amazing personality...and we played monkey in the middle w/ a frisbe and i dove for it and he tried to get it at the same time and all i could think of was hot damn. then that night i had a dream that we made out..... so back to the striptease video...all i could think of was doing it for him and making out w/ him while giving him the lapdance......the only problem is the fact thats he's 21. so im pretty sure im gay but the only thing is i believe im to afraid of what others will think. and i havnt made out w/anyone yet, im happier when im around my friend who is openly gay and his 2 friends...i just feel happier and free to be myself...sorry this is random...just typing this and thinking about him makes me smile.....the kid i had a dream about's brother is also gay and hes gorgeous as well...he's 19 i dont know where this is going anymore so im done....lol
  13. I was wondering what other people thought, male/female... If you are a married man or women, is it okay to go to strip clubs? and, would anyone ever marry a stripper? Would you allow your spouse to start stripping after you were already married. Would you let them if you yourself liked to frequent strip clubs? I want to know what you think!!!
  14. My boyfriend may be going to Quebec for work, construction. The guys he is going with might be going to the strippers. I hate the fact of my guy watching another naked woman (women) He never has gone to the strippers in the 3 yrs we have been together. I hate the feeling, makes me sick Is this normal?
  15. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago. Since then we have seen each other a couple of times, casually just to talk. It was fine until last night. He called me telling me he was at a strip club, I started crying and telling him I miss him etc. Then he asked me to come meet him there. Stupidly, I did. When I got there it was fine, he bought me a drink, we talked. I kept saying to him that when the next strip show comes out can he please stay with me on the other side of the room. He said he would hug me the whole time. The next thing you know the stripper comes out and asks him to come on stage with her. He jumped right up there. I tried dragging him down but he wouldn't. So i through my drink at him and got it all over the stage. I then stormed out and thought he would follow me. He didn't so I went back in and charged at him. I was punching, hitting, scrating him. The bouncers dragged me off him and through me out. THEN he decided to follow me and the bouncers (bikies) started punching him in the face. He came outside and yelled at me, then passed out. I took him home and he asked me to stay. In the morning he kept touching me and wanted to have sex. I told him no, because he can't just use me like that. Then he started yelling at me for coming over in the first place. He started crying and saying things will be different now. The thing is ,I made it perfectly clear that I didn't want him to be near the stripper. Does he just expect me to stand back and watch?
  16. One of my best friends is a 29 year old virgin. Not only that, but he has never kissed a girl. (He has kissed a stripper once but I don't count that). He's an average to above average looking guy. Women have even given their numbers to him a few times. The thing is, he is your typical nice guy, people pleaser. He would never do or say anything to offend a woman - he would even feel bad if he made a move on a woman and it made her feel uncomfortable. I realize that he's too nice of a guy, but he's pushing 30 and hasn't kissed a woman or even made a move on one who is not a stripper. He used to frequent strip clubs a few times each week and it became almost an obsession with him. Although I discouraged him from going so frequently, I thought that maybe he would eventually become involved with one. The only thing I can think of in his childhood is that his father passed away when he was in junior high. There was no history of sexual abuse or child abuse. I have been baffled about this for years. He has witnessed me go out with women, go through a few long term relationships and still the guy has no clue about anything. At this point in his life, I feel as if he has waived the white flag and has given up. He no longer wants to go out on weekends, he shows no desire in asking a woman out, and he even made plans to work this New Years Eve to avoid going out and having a good time. I would just hate to see my good friend who is only 29 give up on women. I'm not sure how one would get through to him.
  17. well, to start with i have a few outfits, he really likes them all, weve done nurse nd schoolgirl mostly, and i have a babydoll outfit aswell. i know he loves secretary and i have the outfit all planned but i wanna take it to another level by doing a striptease and a sexy dance all in one but even though i wanna do it so much im worried ill make a mess of it and look like an idiot. it will be my first chance to me dominant, i will go on top too which i know he loves. hes always the dominant one he likes to be but for once i wanna have a go. i need advice on what i should do, i know basics like unbuttoning shirts seductively etc, etc, but should i take off his clothes too? how should i move and dance on his lap?
  18. I feel so sick to my stomach right now. My ex boyfriend is not the person I fell in love with and It makes me regret so many things I shared with him. He is 25 years old and lost 100 pounds...I guess he is enjoying his transformation...but I cant go on thinking he is still the one for me b.c I read something truly disturbing on this website he posts on.... Tell me what you think...I dont know how a person could change so much...it makes me so sad... here is his post... he is talking about his holiday party .here's a little summary: we got off work early got to the party(havana club) and i started downing brews b/c it was so weak(no one even close to having fun...). Realizing I came to get my life.. I began drinking more brews and thus I started feeling it. Errrrbody was getting a little tipsy at this point... but there was still a huge problem- the dance floor was empty. Naturally, I did what any attention * * * * * would do and went out to the dance floor and broke down a 5 minute solo jam. Pretty much the entire club(aka my entire company) was watching and clapping a rhythm of encouragement to my masterpiece of art in action... I guess theres something about dancing in a coogi sweater that gets juices flowing b/c after my solo jam(song change) this woman from a diff department came out and started to try to match me on the dance floor(what was she thinking... im so undefeated in every dance-off ive ever been in). Truth be told she held her own(including some intense grind action) and then before you know it... the whole dance floor was filled with hotties trying to get correct. Its funny because I clearly had the best moves out there and the ladies were surely feelin it... it also coudl be b/c my only competition were some brokers/busters who had no rhythm(but 10x more CREAM than me..). When I finally got off the dance floor, everyone there was giving me props/high 5's for setting the party off. Fast-forward 10beers and a few shots(and many grinds with hot women) and Im wasted, outside my parking garage walking by the strip clubs on the block... I get coaxed to go inside by the doorman to this crappy little club. I get inside and its like 4 nasty strippers and no one else. I was inside for all of about 8 seconds and this stripper came over to me and asked me what I wanted to do(hmmmm). At this point I promptly turned around and was like, "shorty, this is too much for me right now" and got the F out of there. In hind sight i probably should have dropped a $20 and stuck my thumb up her butt... but like Jigga said, "you gotta learn to live with regrets".. At this point I got in my car and drove to my boys house where we got down with the spicestick and I freestyled some christmas jams til like 4am. Passed out for 2 hours and drove home in time to shower and goto work. Moral(s) of the story: -alot of chicks in my company are into money(dorks) -alot of chicks in my company are into fun times(winners) -the waitresses at the havana club enjoyed showing off their hooters -id say the easiest way to move up the corporate ladder is to be a fun person. I will also see if it helps that your female bosses enjoy dancing with you. -I make holiday christmas parties rule! --------------------------
  19. I've been going out with this great guy for 5 months now. I've never had such strong feelings for someone and he says the same too. All sounds well, but there is one great problem that bothers me so much i get feelings of dumping him everytime the subject comes up. You see... My boyfriends' best friend is a stripper, they're together whenever i'm not with him. The ONLY thing she talks about is sex, my bf even said she hasn't talked about any thing else since he can remember. He said he understands why i don't want him to hang out with her alone anymore, but he also mentioned that i was going to have to live with the fact that they are still going to spend time along together. Also, i get along great with ALL my boyfriends friends except for her... she hated me from the start because i didn't talk to her enough (that one made me laugh). I guess i'll mention that I am 16 and he is 19, so yes, i am young... maybe someone can help me out a little...
  20. Hello,I have a question for all guys and girls. Would you ever grant a wish by your partner if he or she wanted to attend a strip club or want a stripper for his/her bachelor(ette) party? This is of course assuming that you haven't asked for the same thing yourself and don't want it. Me- I think the idea is just wrong. I would not watch or hire strippers if I had a girlfriend,and nor would I allow my friends to hire one for any party. And thereforeeee I would not allow my g/f to do the same either. If she insisted,then she just wouldn't be my type and I'd rather break up with her. What do you think? (this whole post is purely hypothetical. I have no girlfriend and have never seen a stripper).
  21. A little embarrassing to say the least...But, is it OK to have an orgasm while getting a private dance from a stripper at a club? Is this normal? This has happened to me twice. The most recent was at an all nude club and the dancer was very hot. I had only been in the club about 5 minutes when she approached me for a private dance. I agreed and we went to the back. She sat me on a couch and took off all her clothes. I immediately had an erection. The music started and she started grinding on me and dancing very close with her beautiful breasts in my face. I must say, it was a good dance. She was riding my lap hard and within minutes I was ready to cum. I tried to hold back but couldn't. I tried to get her to stop but couldn't get her off me in time and I had an orgasm in my pants. I think she knew this but kept dancing anyway. Well, I was embarrassed and ready to leave. I now had a wet spot on my pants that I had to try to cover up with my shirt so my friends, or anyone else in the club would see it. And of course, I lost all interest in watching the beautiful women dance naked. I enjoy going to gentlemen's clubs but really only go about once a year. So I guess I am not a regular. How can I avoid this or at least prolongue it so I can get a few more minutes of enjoyment for my entry fee?
  22. Hey there! It's been a while since I've been on this site. It helped me in the past, and I'm hoping it will help now. I am engaged to a wonderful man. We are getting married in January. One of the many stresses I am having due to the wedding is my fiance's plans of having a bachelor party. His best man is already planning it. I know that they are planning on having a stripper, and he knows that I have mixed feelings about it. Actually, if it were up to me, there would be no stripper. Now, he's told me that he would never do anything to hurt me, and I trust him with all of my heart, but the thought of him being in close contact with another woman, who most likely will be naked at some point, and getting aroused by it REALLY bothers me. I have talked to other women about it, and read articles about it, and every woman feels differently. I've also read that a lot of guys feel that they don't need to have a stripper to have a bachelor party, and others don't want to hurt thier fiances. Why can't my fiance feel that way? I know my feelings are normal, but the whole situation just sucks. I just want some opinions on how I can make it easier on myself, and get through this without it lingering into the wedding day and ruining it for me(BTW I told him to tell his friend to try to plan it for the weekend before the wedding, so it does make me feel a little better knowing it's not taking place the night, or just two nights before). Thanks everyone!!!
  23. I have a problem with my BF & strippers. He says he doesn't like going as he feels embarrassed, but his friends like to go & he wants to be a part of the male bonding thing. He says he doesn't like it, then why does he take photos with his phone & send them to his mates & they do the same to him. He has been approx. 6 times in the past year. Once I asked him not to go as I was feeling self conscieous, & he promised me he wouldn't, then the next day he told me he went anyway. What goes on in strip clubs? Is looking at me not enough for him? Do guys compare their girlfriends bodies to strippers? And do they think things like, I wish my partners had her %$&* bits? Any insight would be appreciated.
  24. I met my boyfriend through work a year ago...we've been dating eversince. Before we were official, we had hung out with eachother for about 2 weeks. So basically about a month after knowing him, this happened. I was actually at work and got out a little early, so I swung over to his place to see him for a lil bit to say hi and everything. To my surprise, I saw two cars parked outside at the moment that I got there. It was his two friends (theone car) that I had never met before, and some girl he was friends with (the other car). They were all gathered downstairs in his basement bedroom, watching television. I got onto the porch of his house, and my boyfriend seemed content to see me, and gave me a hug...for some reason it stood out it still stands out in my mind even after a year. He invited me into his house, and I went downstairs to his room where I found the two guys and the girl. They all seemed nice, and I just figured that they would only stay for an hour or so...I was tired from work and too shy. Little did I know that the three of them spent the night at his house and they all got drunk. Keep in mind I'm very jealous, and that I have never gotten drunk in my life. The next day I found out he called out of work. Ofcourse I got mad at him when he told me they all stayed the night (I could only imagien what happened). Just recently since Ive been gettin to know his friends better...I asked his one friend what REALLY went on that night....b/c my boyfriend would always aviod the topic.His friend said that he had seen the girl flash her boobs and etc. Keep in mind the girl was a former stripper or a stripper at the time...im not sure, but its pretty much the same either way. So I just asked him about it. I told him I wanted the truth. I know its been a year, but I think that i deserve the truth, dont u think? He told me the truth was that the girl wanted him, and even the fact that she met me, didnt stop her from going after him. He admitted that he saw her flash her boobs. He said that he could have easily gone for her if he wanted too, since she wasnt ugly or anything, but instead chose not too. At the moment, I feel hurt, and it makes me wonder what things he may be possible of when hanging out with his friends. He refuses to apologize for it. I hate fighting, but lately ive felt like ive been the one trying to keep from fights happening, and i kind of feel like i have the right to shove this in his face. He has some other stress going on in his life with school, work and his father.....he begs me to not continue this. Should I let it go...am I making too much of a big deal since it happened a year ago? or am i right too since he never told me about it before?
  25. Ive posted messages a few times before... no one really ever replies to me.. maybe one or two but this time I need help... I am going to be sick... I dont know what I am going to do or how I will get through this... Im sure this will be long.. PLEASE someone read the whole thing and help me deal with this... My bf of over 4 years and I fight quite regularly.. but its not even fighting its just disagreements or something like that about stupid stuff!!! We dont like how we bicker so much so we have decided to stop.. and really try this time.. and I have agreed to stop being such a snot (thats not the word i am looking for but I got in trouble the last time I wrote it) Things have been working out really really well for us... Back in August we got into a very big fight and my bf was telling me he wasnt sure if we should see each other anymore.. i was really upset cause he was so serious... after about 2 weeks of heartache things just go so good!! Since October 1st my bf has been living with his buddy.. he couldnt afford the rent so he needed a roommate.. this caused slight problems for us because i felt after 4 years we should be living together and I feel like he likes his friend better then me.... My bf said not to worry about anything.. he loves me and he wants to be with me but he just cant live with me while I am being a "snot".... so after a few days things started to look up... and they have been great since... On Thursday we were having a fantastic evening.... he asked me to teach him some stuff he had forgotten from highschool for something he is applyng to... so we were getting along great etc... well just before he left his buddy messaged me on MSN "Hey, Is ______ still there? I am planning on hiring a stripper and I wanted to know if he wanted one too"..... I knew it was a joke, but I am touchy on porn and strippers so I said to my bf "Why the heck would he say that to me?". My bf said that he didnt know but he was just kidding around... I said "Well you must have said something to him for him tomake fun of me like that, or is he really getting a stripper". I was kidding but my bf got mad at me for actually believing it and he and left.... I wasnt worried though...He didnt seem really mad... just no kiss mad. Friday night rolls around.. he always calls at 5pm and we were gonna hang out and do this work I was teaching him... I called a few times no answer... Finally at 7pm he answered and told me he was still mad at me but if I wanted he woudl come over... so he did.... He walked in and I didnt greet him at the door like I always do.. I was a little upset that he was actually mad at me over the stripper comment...He came downstairs and sat down beside measking me why I didnt greet him at the door.. i was playing the sims... the family of him and I ..... We had talked awhile ago about naming a future daughter Chasity... but I said it would have to be spelt Chasity not ChasTity... he never understood but when he saw a message about the sim Chasity come up he said "ooooohhhh... ya I like that... now I know what you meant" (and this conversation about the name was like 1.5years ago).. I asked him what he meant and he said he understood how I didnt like ChasTITY... etc etc... and that he wanted it to be Chasity as well..... A second later he showed me that he had gotten information on something I asked him if we should go get and he told me he didnt need too.. he had the internet.. so I was like "Oh my god, you went without me after I asked you to go" and he was like "I didnt need my mommy there with me"... so then I said "oh, did your bf go with you??" I meant his roommate... I have been jealous and said he was his bf before and he asked me not too... so he got up and left.. I tried to stop him and he flipped out and pushed me away...It was traumatizing but he didnt hurt me.. jsut my feelings and my mom was all stressed out after seeing this.... This morning I got up early and went to see him.. we were gonna go to a wrekers and before he flipped yesterday he said I had to be up bright and early if I wanted to come too... He told me to get lost when he saw me but after a minute he let me in... I said I was sorry etc and I mentioned how it wasnt even a bad fight cause neither of us called the other any names and that was that.. he agreed and basically he was acting like things were ok.. I had to go to a orientation for the temporary job I just got and he agreed when i was done we would drive to a little town 30min from here to return something and get a pumpkin on the way back.... I left happy! When I got back he was watching a movie and he said we couldnt go till it was over.. I huffed and puffed a bit and tried talking to him and he kept saying "im watching this can you shut up" (thats not out of the ordinary when he is mad).. its over and he starts to fall asleep. I said "Lets go!" His attitude changed and he said he wasnt going anywhere with me.. I said well we will have that BBQ when we get back and he said he was going out so he couldnt.. I asked where he was going and he said "its non of your business".. I said that he was my bf and so it was my business.... he started laughing and said "Your what??? What did you call me? YOU think after how you acted last night that I am your bf" I started to cry and got hysterical and he asked me to leave... I said that I wanted us to be together and that I was sorry for saying that stuff last night and he said "Dont you get it, just get out of my life!!!". Let me tell you a bit of info... in the past 4 years he is very kind to me, but when he gets mad (semi-often since I harass him) he says MEAN things to me, and two months ago said "dont you get it? What do I have to do to get rid of you"... then the next day he doent apologize cause he forgets about it, but when I bring it up he ALWAYS says "Babe, you know that I have told you to never believe me when I am mad.. I say things when I am mad but I dont mean them" I asked if he loved me and he said "You know I love you more then anything, that is not the issue but I cant stand your constant "being a snot".....I was crying and saying that we said we would try this until December and if i didnt work then at the end of the year we would split.. I asked him if we could jsut do that.. I wouldnt say anything stupid anymore.. I already have bitten my tongue for three weeks but last night it blurted out.. He was trying to snooze so he kept saying "ya whatever... please leave".. When I was asking if we could try ONCE more he kept saying that if I just gave him some space and left he would think about it.. but the longer I am standing there the worse it looks.... I asked if he was still coming over tomorrow for dinner with my moms friend and he had said maybe but this last time that I asked him (maybe 4 tiems in total) he said "no i dont think so now since you wont stop asking me when I already answered you"... SO I said.. Ok I am going but I just want to know, are we together or not... he said he already answered me and if I was too stupid to remember what he said then I was going to have to suffer all night... So I finally left....I cried the whole way home.. and for about an hour with my mom.. and thats really uncomfortable to cry around her... all she manages to do is point out the things that are wrong with my bf... He could just be REALLY mad.. and either come tomorrow, or in a few days he will call me and things will be ok... He has said many times that when he is mad he says things he doesnt mean.. but I dont know.. i just dont know what I am going to do without him... I know I dont need a man to live... but I love being with him.. he is my best friend and when we dont bicker we are so happy together and I look forward to being with him.... Just Thursday afternoon I went to see him at work after an interview and he said to wait and go for lunch with him.. he treated me and he was telling me how upset he was cause his boss said if he didnt start selling more they would have to let him go.. He tries his best he is a damn good worker and he does OIL CHANGES.. he isnt a car sales man.... So we were talking how he wants to join the army and I was like "I dont know if I can leave this city".. he asked me to come live with him wherever he goes after bootcamp... and he said to not be a party pooper.... I could go on all night on this post about all the great things he said Thursday before his friend had to message me about the strippers.... Please help!
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