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  1. I've identified as bisexual since I was 12 and now im starting to question my sexuality more than ever. We have only been together for a month and he knows im bisexual (im pretty open about it) so I think there won't be an enormous amount of backlash. I told my friend (straight) about the situation and he said that he's very dissapointed in me since im basically leading him on and frankly that's the truth and I believe that I am the bad guy in this situation. I've been stressing out on how to break the news to my boyfriend for over 2-3 weeks.
  2. ! : English is not my primary language. Some texts that i write here are copied from another person that express exactly how i feel but in a better way that i could write myself. I am a bi guy and I get these feelings of jealousy with regard to lesbians. So much that nowadays I don't even watch movies or tv shows with lesbian characters. I don't have the feelings when it comes to gay men. For example in the show "Arcane", i really enjoy it, is great, i like the character of Vi and the one of Caitlyn and they are cute together but, I wouldn't call them intense feelings, I just feel a bit uncomfortable and jealous. Is this a form of homophobia ? How can i work on it ? Other informations : - I think i'm okay with my actual gender - It is not particulary from that show but in all show, note that i have no female who is in a lesbian relationship actually - I have a lesbian friend and i never have this kind of feelings towards her
  3. If you are homosexual how do you know? Could you think you are strait but then start to think you are gay? Or do you pretty much know your whole life? Thanks. -Logan
  4. Well, I am a senior in highschool and graduation is around the corner and Im siked about it. I was just wondering will the girls be more open about their sexuality in college than the girls in highschool? I am very interested in meeting other girls who are looking for girls, but I just wonder will it be easier to find a girl in college who likes girls? and will there be more lesbians, bis, and gays in college than in highschool or is everyone in the world so secretive like the people in highschool? Anyone has any insights or experiences, I am really interested in hearing your opinion!!!!
  5. Ok...I've finally told my mom that I'm bisexual and she's knows that I a stud(lesbian) friend that I like.But, now we've known each other for going on 5 months and there's a little bit more attraction now.I want to know how can I go about telling my mom that I want to date her and possible have a realtionship.PLEASE HELP
  6. ok this is how it is. i hate male homosexuality and i condem it when i can and im very good at it. i consider it a disease. no offense to gay folks i like the guys, i hate the act. but just recently, i realized i am hook on lesbian porn. now i know this sounds weired. are there any guys out there that feel the same way. i need help. i thought a am supposed to hate homosexuality accross the sexes. both gay and lesbians. help.
  7. Ok, I'm just curious about something and wanted a guys opinion? Why are guys so obsessed with lesbians or two girls kissing etc? I mean I know it's a huge turn on for most of them but I don't get why?
  8. hello everybody, im new here and this is going to be my first post. i was just curious. do all girls think of touching or having sex with other girls? im thinking, if i were a girl id probably be gay. maybe its cos im a guy. waiting for your replies.
  9. I've been living with my boyfriend who I like a lot (love) for about the last seven months. I really like him and I think he's really cute. But I've always struggled with feelings for women that until recently I've never been to comfortable to admit. I know people often assume I'm gay, because I used to be a semi-pro athlete and there are a lot of lesbians in my sport. Even my boyfriend when we first got together told me that he thought for the longest time I was gay. I like going out to bars and sometimes I do get a little loaded. I went out the other night with a friend from my work and I guess I admitted I was attracted to her or even made a move on her - I honestly am not sure. She is gay and she has been askng me about every since. I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend about it, and I thought he would be supportive. But instead he said "I always wondered if you were, and I'm not surprised by this." We have sort of cooled off a little since then, which totally upsets me, because I don't want to lose him. But I can't stop thinking about if it's true. In the meantime, my co-worker friend keeps saying that my boyfriend is the perfect person for someone who can't come out, because technically speaking he's still married, so there's no real possibility of getting seriously involved with him. I just don;t know what to do. I don;t want to lose my boyfriend but he says he feels somewhat deceived by me. I'm not sure if I'm ready to be gay or if I even want to!
  10. Forgive me if I'm a little scattered today. My world crumbled last night. I have been in a very loving relationship for the past 3 years with a wonderful woman. We had our ups and downs but were seamingly a happy couple. I found out 4 days ago that she had an affair on me for 1 1/2 yrs of our 3 year relationship with a man (a minister no less). After I found that out I also found out there had been 2 others. I have no doubt that she is truly sorry and she does realize that she has made some terrible choices. I am willing to work past her cheating and fix our relationship. Her dilema is that she doesn't know if she is a lesbian. After 3 years of being with me, during which time she fell in love with me and says she still is. She said she needs time to be completely by herself to figure this out. Obviously its killing me. We broke up last night which just happened to be our 3 year anniversary. How can she not be gay? I think she is, of course it could be wishful thinking. I know her biological clock is ticking and those thoughts are going through her mind. What can I do, other than wait, to help her. I don't want her to think that I am moving on because I can't. If anyone has any advice or has been in mine or her situation please help. My heart is breaking and I miss her terribly already.
  11. Any ideas on where to meet other lesbian women in Philadelphia, PA area? Not looking for relationship-just don't want to sit home this weekend-want to get out, meet new people, maybe make some friends. Not sure where to go....
  12. I am a 37yr. old female who likes a 47yr lesbian female, who works on the same floor in my office bldg, but for a different company. I am most sure she is lesbian (she's not a total butch, but is masculine and just has that very preppy/masculine lesbian look about her). She always looks me up-and-down and usually when she knows I can see her doing it, and when she's right in front of me and talking to me or standing near me in the bathroom. I even noticed one day when she was walking to her car at the same time I was walking to mine (she was leaving, I was only getting something from my car) which was a few rows past hers, she was still sitting in her car as I was on my way back into the bldg just watching me walk by and then didn't pull away until after I was already past her car. (that could be coincidence, but from the way she eyes me, it might not be either!) I try to give her glances too, but I don't eye her up-and-down. I just try to let her see that I'm looking back at her and I always try to strike up a conversation, or if it's just in passing, I make sure I say Hi. Even though we don't work for the same company, we are still on the same floor, so it's still in the workplace and I don't want to set myself up for any embarrassment. So if this would develope to a relationship, I would not want it to be exposed in work. Anyway, since I do like her, does anyone know how I can step up the flirting and keep it from being obvious to co-workers? (I don't see her everyday, and when I do see her it's usually without warning) Sorry, this is so long!! This probably sounds immature for my age, but I've never been with another woman, so this is all new to me and is obviously a much more delicate situation than liking a guy.
  13. My school doesnt have a GSA and I think it is totally ridiculous so to start it, some friends of mine and I are doing the day of silence on April 13, 2005. We dont quite know how the administration will react. We will safty pin the following paragraph to our clothes and hand them out as well... it's the official National Day of Silence "Flyer" to hand out Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. People who are silent today believe that laws and attitudes should be inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The day of silence is to draw attention to those who have been silenced by hatred, oppression, and prejudice. Think about the voices you are not hearing. What can you do to end the silence? Next year it's going to be HUGE, well big atleast. Because next year we will have a GSA because of me. I will make them!!! Uhh yeah I dont know why I'm posting this. Pretty much to let people also have the opportunity to Participate in the NDOS
  14. I was in this realtionship with a women who was not a lesbian but she had fallen in love with me. But her family just would not have it. So inturn, I was gone. Are realtionship was off and on for almost three years now. We have been together until her family finds out and then we don't talk for like months and it is all really confusing I know how she feels about this being her first realtionship with a girl but I have fallin in love with her from day one and this is just killing me. I miss her so much. I need some advice.
  15. My daughter would have been married to her high school sweetheart 3 yrs next month. She has fallen in love with a lesbian friend. I'm trying to keep this brief and only give the pertinent details. My daughter and S-I-L always had a great relationship....they really loved each other...until this other woman came into the picture. Within just a few months my daughter became someone none of us knew. She started lying and sneaking around with this (older) woman. My daughter has moved in with "the other woman" and left everything behind. I'm so confused...we're all confused. My daughter admitted she has never had any lesbian tendencies, and she wasn't unhappy. My S-I-L is beside himself. He thought the girls were friends...but??? There are so many unanswered questions. We have always been very close, able to discuss anything....but she won't talk to me about this new relationship. I'm scared....there's an ex-girlfriend in the picture that's threatening physical harm. We have always been loving and supportive of our daughter's. We try not to interfere. Is it time to say "what the *** is going on"?? I see this going to a really ugly place. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  16. ok so i feel really weird tlkin about this i guess but i need sum help on it...ok so in my life i have made out with liek 5 different girls and a couple of times we felt up on eacother... they were doing it because we were in a room full of guys or liek we were dared to i mean i was too.. but i dono i guess its weird i would prob do a lot more, i think i would have a 3 sum with a gurl. i no i could neva b a lesbian though b cuz i liek guys too much and i like the penis haha but i dono liek i dont mind it at all i think girls are beautiful well most of them... also i liek it b cuz i turns on the guys, they say they love it when 2 hott gurls make out n stuff. i mean i dono can n e 1 help me with this or i dono n e thign just plz help n e kind of coment will help me.
  17. ok so i have a few topics that i need help with. 1. i am 15 and i get drunk a lot almost every weekend, yes i not hat its bad. but lately me and my friend have been like "dared" to makeout yes we r both gurls. i no i owuld never b a lesbian b cuz i like guys. but when we madeout even though we were drunk i liked it. i think i liked it so much b cuz it turned on the guys but i donno i am a little confused about that. we have done it liek 5 times, and we like felt up on eacother n stuff liek that. 2. ok this is a little embarrassing for me but i will ask it n e ways. i am still a virgin but in the past 4 weeks i have given 7 blowjobs to 4 different guys i dont no if i am a slut or wut b cuz like i just started drinkin and doin this stuff as of my soph year. last year i was so prude and i dotn want to go back that way but i dont want to b sluty i just enjoy it. i just like to party now please help me i no i shoudl cut down on some of this stuff but sumtimes i feel like i have to drink to have fun, well i guess not to have fun but when i am drunk i am more "free". *n e advise at all please help i am confused
  18. im just very curious in this question because im a bi myself. i know some people who jokes around being gay, mainly girls. they would go around saying they're a lesbian etc. even more sad, they would go up to gay ppls and tell them also. i mean why do you want to do that, it'll only make you look stupid! are they "trying" to tell peeps around them that they're gay by doing that way or just making fun of gay peeps? i think they're just making an ass out of themselves. please answer.
  19. im going to lose my life's love! maybe she marry with a guy and me and she just dont know what to do,the guy will come to her home tomorrow to talk about it with her family. and the worst thing is her mum is desiding about her daughter, and she is so close minded, well we dont know what to do? unfortunately we are living in different countries and we only can meet each other only in summers. i know we are so bad luck but what we can do? she is in love with me and im in love with her and we even get marry together and we cant live without each other so how she can marry with a guy when she is a lesbian? we are so depressed and im scaerd she's doing some thing dangerous, but what can i do?please some one tell me. this is bullshit when your family wanna deside about your future and you cant do any thing. i mean this is her life and she should deside about it not her mum but how she can tell her mum that she's a lesbian and in love with a girl? please some one help us.thank you
  20. 2 questions: 1) Why do guys think its hott when gurls are lesbian? Like, some guys want girls to kiss eachother even if there girlfriend is involved! Thats CRAZY, I personally could never have feelings or sexual contact with another girl? So why do guys think its so "sexy''? 2)What is blue balls? **Please, answer dont just read it!!!** hehe
  21. I am girl and I have a friend who is just adorable. i find myself very interested in her. I have a boyfriend and he knows how i feel. i love him very much, i would just like to have an intimate night with her. and he is ok with that. he and i joke around together about it. I love to hang out with her and when i ask her out with me to see a movie, whatever she is glad to go. The problem is i don't know if she has lesbian tendencies. I play flirt with her, like saying, guess i'm not getting to first base tonight huh? and she giggles and says nope not tonight girl! maybe she just thinks i'm joking but i dunno. My bf and hers are friends and he told me they have talked about either having a intimate night with her, her bf and another girl, or her and another girl. she said she wants to try that-according to the guys-and i trust these guys. but i don't know if she's shy or if she was fibbing or what. but i'm scared to say something and offend her and lose her friendship. i tell her i'm going to buy her flowers, and she says that is sweet, we go out to dinner and she calls it 'a date'. i'm getting mixed signals. i just want to know if it's possible for her and i to have an intimate relationship or not. what do i do? do i just ask her have you ever thought about it? wink wink nudge nudge. she touches my face and does little things that make me think she is into it, just nervous or shy. maybe i should just kiss her and see what her reaction is
  22. i'm 14 years old and i fall in love with my best friend.i'm a lesbian,but i don't know,if she is a lesbian,too...but that's not the point..the point is,i love her so much and i want to tell her,that i love her!but i'm afraid,that she is not a lesbian!and i really want her so so much...please help me!!!!
  23. My friend Tom has decided to go to Fairview Highschool next year. What he doesn't understand is that people there are not as understanding of the fact that he & a lot of his friends (including myself) are bi. Here. at Peak to Peak, people are actually relatively understanding of the fact.... & about 3/4 of the school is bi/gay/lesbian. I dunno how to support him when he just setting himself up to be humiliated & I know he can't take that... how do I help him?
  24. Im 15 and Im a lesbian. And I want to have sex with this one girl... and I know she has been with other people so she knows what she is doing... But I have NO idea how anything works down there, and I dont want to disappoint her, but I really dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!! and I want this night to be special and memorable, but I dont know what I need to do to make it that way. I just want to know what to do down there.... Frustrated, Marissa
  25. I met this girl last week in California at a convention and we live accross the US from each other. But we connected in such a strong way in such a short amount of time. I was blown away by how amazing she was and so was she. We fooled aorund, but stopped before the sex. Then she told me she was "an aspiring lesbian". I really didn't take it as very serious, or maybe just as a passing thought on her part... But yesterday on the phone, I said, we should be open and honest with each other: She said, "You're a keeper - you're beautiful....and if you were here with me, we would date -- but evetually you would get fed up with me because we would never have sex because I trying to be a lesbian." But she's plainly told me I'm attractive and that I look "damn good". and she would obviously date me...so what's this whole lesbian thing? Is there a way to win her?? This could very well "be the one" and I don't want to lose her... She's had feeling for men before and dated guys....and I dont' know if she's ever had sex before... I have never felt so close to someone- and especially in such a short amount of time. I want to see about visiting her in a few weeks...What should I do? How should I act? How can I make her see that she really doesn't want to be that "aspiring lesbian" that she said she wants to be? And I really wouldn't even mind if she was bi, but I really don't think she's inheritly a lesbian, not by the way she talks and acts around me. Please help!
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