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  1. Long story. We do trips on acid which are beautiful and sensual. Weve been together 6 years and its the best relationship ive ever had. She tries to work on things and have our relationship be healthy. She deals with body issues and so do I. Most of the time we are symbiotic. She asked last year if her sister could move in because she was having trouble. She moved in july of last year and was supposed to leave october then december and now its in limbo but they are looking for an apartment. I said yes because duh family first. SO we had tripped on acid quite a few times before this situation.
  2. Hi there, my name is Konstantin I have a really BIG problem and I am asking your help and your advices. I have fall in love with a lesbian. I have told her that I am attracted to her, but unfortunately she's a lesbian. She told me the same night when I express my obsession to her, she told me "If I ever get back to straight (because she was straight before) I will be the first person to know. What to do to bring her back to straight?? Thanks for your time and sorry for my English
  3. Are there any lesbians out there who came out later in life? I would love to hear your journeys and what helped you get through life and any guidance or suggestions for support. Five years ago, I divorced my husband of 15 years and came out as a lesbian. Since then, I've had 3 failed relationships with women, one just recently. I'm going through a period of loneliness and pain. I feel like I need to reset my life but not really sure what that looks like. I know I need some time alone to learn and find more of myself, but at this stage in my life, it feels like I've already arrived
  4. Hi everyone, as the quest for a new place to live continues I've been having doubts as to rent a place again or buy one. The rent is terribly high where I live and can't seem to find a decent 2 bedroom appartment where keeping my pets is allowed. I've been checking out appartments to buy and had stumbled upon one really great one (ideally located, big enough, 2 bedrooms, garage) but another person bid higher then me so I lost it - looking back on this the asking price was too high anyway for a limited area. Now I have seen a new build house which is a little more expensive but, has 3 bedrooms
  5. Hi I'm Jamie and I am at a difficult crossroad in my marriage and could use another persons perspective. I have been married to my husband for 13 years and we have been together for 16 years. Overall we're good together, like any marriage we have our challenges. I love my husband and son and do not want to hurt them. We sometimes fight and have cooled off in the bedroom department, mostly this is my fault, I have gained weight and do not feel sexy and getting out of my own head is hard. But I do try. Last year I lost my brother unexpectedly at age 33. It was a huge blow, I was extremely
  6. I need advice, I'm damaging my relationship with my boyfriend, with whom I have been for 7 years(we are both 21 years old). Its been maybe 2 months since we haven't figure out our problems. He has a female lesbian friend, me and my boyfriend know her since Junior High but he is the one that has kept a friendship with her. This year their friendship started to develop a lot more, they have the same classes and so my boyfriend gives her rides almost every day to her house and now even to work, even if its far away. He also helps her in whatever she needs, he has been to her house to fix her com
  7. I met a girl at work and there was an instant connection. We started slowly but got on so well we thought we would just go with it. Up to this point I had not been with another girl but had been interested. There is a 17 year age gap which didn't matter to us at the start. We had 4 really great months and then it went wrong for no reason. She broke up with me and we have both struggled but have agreed to stay apart because of the age difference. I have kids and she may want her own at some point. I now realise that I was interested in girls all along just had not been in a situation where I co
  8. Hi I'm a biromantic homosexual girl. If you don't know what that means you can look it up on the urban dictionary. And I think you might want to know what it means for this story. Okay so I'm in a relationship with this girl right now. It's been a little over 2 months since we started dating. Last month she kissed me. And I didn't feel anything. I thought maybe it was because it was my first kiss ever but later in our relationship I still didn't feel anything for her. I mean I feel a little. Well anyways I'm not sure if I should breakup with her because I'm not happy in this relationship but t
  9. Hello (insert a big hand wave to you all) Just found this forum whilst browsing online. I hope it is okay to post this here. If anyone reads this and replies....you are a STAR Is anyone able to help me out as this issue has contributed to confusion regarding my sexual orientation: Real life feelings: Basically I am a woman in her mid 20's (a virgin by choice). My sexuality has felt consistent all of my life. In real life I am attracted to guys but have a low desire for intimacy and feel no attraction to women at all so I can tell I have a preference and based on this have always consi
  10. I'm a 16 year old lesbian and I want to be in a relationship with a 30+ year old. Its difficult because im well aware that it is both dangerous and illegal, but i can't shake off the thought. Has anyone else been through something similar?
  11. So this is very hard for me to explain. Im so confused and frustrated that i just can't understand whats happening to me. Im 16 and i have reached a point where i am starting to discover myself. I found my passion in life(public speaking). Well technically i found it about six years ago but i finally achieved a goal i have been working for ever since. Anyway i have this friend lets call her Ling. Me n this girl were previously in a group of four friends but lately due to one of the other girls we have been abit broken. Ling has lately lost her best friend so im the person she trusts the most r
  12. I'm so confused and could use everyone's help. I'm 39, my ex of 3 months is a 44. We are both women and have dated women our entire lives. She broke it off with me and told me she was in a relationship w a woman for 8 years and before that one for 6 years and she wants it to be all about her right now and find out who she is. We ended very well, chatted a few times after our breakup as friends. I decided it was time to move on so I joined a dating site. Been talking to a few women. Been good, felt closure, and moving forward. I decided to sign onto my match account because I'm gettin
  13. I used to identify as straight when I was younger, then when I was about 15 I had a huge crush on this girl and I was convinced I was a lesbian. After I had a big crush on this guy a year or so later i identified myself as bisexual and I pretty much have ever since. Lemme also start by saying I am 100% into dating guys and girls, so ignoring the romantic aspect, lets get into the sexual one. I've only ever been able to masturbate to I women. straight porn or lesbian porn or even just a hot naked lady. I've also only ever had sex with a dude. so I'm like totally down to get down with
  14. I am a 46 year old lesbian. My girlfriend and I have been together for 9 months now. Things have been going great these last few months. Communication is great, we have a lot of fun, the chemistry is amazing, she is my best friend. We both have had a good amount of relationships and looking to settle down eventually. Recently, my air conditioner broke and as a result, have been staying with her for the last 10 days which is the most we've ever stayed with each other. While things were fun the first few days I noticed some subtle changes in routine/behavior. For example, she is less "to
  15. This is really embarrassing, I don't even feel comfortable talking to my friends about this. So I have just started these past couple months exploring my bicurious side. I have been my whole life, but due to my upbringing, being gay was never an option. So, it's taken a while for me to accept this possibility. I met a girl on an app, and we had a decent connection, we made out on the first date and it was by far the best makeout session I have ever had. It turned out though, she only wanted a friends with benefits relationship. At first I wasn't very accepting of this and was a little heart br
  16. Hi everyone. My name is Lucy, I’m 25, female and live in the UK. To put this into context, I was in a five-year relationship with a guy from the age of 18 to 23. We split up after wanting different things (I wanted us to move in together, he didn’t, and a couple of other differences). Since we split up, I’ve dated several guys (not at the same time). Two of them I met at work and another two I met on a dating app. However, each time I’ve been on dates, something hasn’t felt quite right. I’ve enjoyed dating them (the longest period of dating with one of them was three months so it was ge
  17. My girlfriend of 2.5 years left me out of nowhere, right after promising me she wouldn't leave. We were so happy together and only started fighting more recently. My friends keep telling me how happy she is without me, and how this "had to happen." It hurts so bad. I saw she changed her thing to say "bi" instead of "lesbian" and I wouldn't mind that if I knew she wasn't falling in love with someone else. She was spending a lot of time with this guy but promised not to worry about it. But she lied to me about this and a lot of other things. I have to see her every day and I don't know how I'm g
  18. Hey Im kinda ashamed to ask this. I knew I was into girls since I was 14. Ive been battling since then if I was Bi or a lesbian.In that time i didnt have any friends and blocked myself completly from the outside world. Until one day I finally said it all and was honest to myself that I was a lesbian. With 19 I had my first girlfriend with hom Im still together and crazy inlove (im 23 now). She had a daughter already when I met her (4yo soon 5 ) and we are raising her togther, the little one calles me mama. All those years I was sure of being a lesbian and sometimes making *fun of
  19. My girlfriend has brought up something that makes me feel weird. She's bisexual, but, I'm a pure lesbian. I admit I've been involved with men in highschool, but that was before I well came out to myself. She on the other hand has been with far more men and women than I ever have. She's shall we say experienced. She wants to watch me... not with another girl, but, with a guy. She's already even chose the man that she wants me to get down and dirty with. I feel like that this is a big red flag, not just because it's a guy but because we're going so deep into this whole exploratory poly thing. I
  20. Hi, I'm basically just going to get right to the point as I really don't have any other way to phrase this. I am a Transgender individual and I am extremely jealous of lesbian woman, to the point where I would even call myself bitter, it's literally mentally crippling at times. I often try to just avoid even thinking about them because I just feel so miserable because I won't be able to have what they have. As clarification: I am very comfortable with the idea of two women being in a relationship and do not really care if a person is lesbian. I really don't feel like it's any of my business, w
  21. I recently realized I'm bigender. I was born female, but feel I should have been a male, but a male who is attracted to both sexes and likes to cross dress. When I still thought I was bisexual or a lesbian, I had very little trouble finding men and women to hook up with. Now, that I'm bigender, though, and looking for an actual relationship, I'm either invisible to most women, which is who I want to be in a relationship with most, or there are some that say they want to meet in online dating but never message me and I can't see 'Meet Me', or we start conversations but they go nowhere. I'm look
  22. I have found myself attracted to trans men. I identify as lesbian and have always found men to be repulsive sexually. I've tried dating them and following whatever attraction I may have to them but I end up feeling sick in the stomach, like nauseous and then I get headaches from the very thought of being with one sexually or romantically. I think I dated men a lot to cover up and hide my sexuality when I was younger and now that I'm out I just find it disgusting to be attracted to them. It happens naturally and it is nothing I can help. I have tried for myself to be "normal" and fit in. But my
  23. My wife had an emotional and physical affair for about two months with a woman who sits next to her at work. I confronted her about my suspicions after discovering her rediculous amount of texting to the same phone number, a draft message on her phone that she forgot to delete and a smoking-gun email that she forgot to delete. At first she outright lied about the texting by saying, "She's only a good friend." She also lied about the phone message even though it was blatantly obvious in the context of the message what was going on. After I discovered the email (i had set up her email
  24. Not really sure how to word this. So I'm a female and I've been with my wife for 7 years now. We've been married for 2.5 years. She has recently revealed that she is non binary and would like to use they/them pronouns. Not sure if this will evolve into them being trans. My question is am I wrong for somewhat.... grieving our relationship? I'm not sure how to put it. Please don't get me wrong, I love them with all my heart. They're my best friend. The issue is that I am a lesbian. I married a lesbian, or so I thought. I wanted a woman and thought I had a woman. But now I don't. I love saying
  25. Long story short.. my bf met this girl at work. They hang out on break and smoke in his truck. They exchanged numbers at some point and he claims she is just a friend. Flash forward after some trust issues with me checking his phone he supposedly set me up by flirting with her via text. His best friend backs this up. I fell for it and went off on him. He now has no trust in me etc and isn't sure about us. There is still sex there. Just not the i love yous etc. I'll be sitting next to him and see him text her things like "miss me yet?" Or "gm hugs" with nothing of that sort back from her
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