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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Reaching Enlightened Health Through Increased Connections

    Life can often seem like a rat race of ups and downs, victories and defeats, joys and pains. We often feel as if the harder we work and the more we accomplish the more satisfied and content with our lives we will be. Yet true fulfillment often escapes those who focus only on achievement, accomplishments and possessions. Those who take time to cultivate relationships and connections, however, are more likely to realize feelings of genuine satisfaction, peace and joy. The power of positive relationships in physical and emotional health and wellness are vast, and warrants further inquiry.

    The development of nurturing relationships can result in increased self-esteem, improved healthy behavior, and decreased stress. Those who experience support and understanding in friendships and family relationships are able to relax and recharge much more easily, which can help to increase productivity, reduce major illnesses and contribute to greater general wellbeing. People who have supportive, healthy relationships often feel more secure in their sense of self, and these positive influences can potentially ease symptoms of all sorts of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and low self-worth. Friendships often provide access to much needed emotional support, knowledge, resources and resilience during trying times, and strong, trusting relationships can help to buffer individuals from the negative effects and physical consequences of stress.

    Friendships that last and have been developed over considerable time can be an especially powerful part of life, thus it is important to take the necessary steps to nurture and maintain relationships. Education in relationship dynamics and how to create and retain trust and good communication techniques can equip us with the tools to do this. Unconditional acceptance and support are fundamental to the success of any friendship, and learning empathy and respect for one another’s needs is absolutely essential for sustaining relationships in the long run. Understanding that expectations must be reasonable and that no connection can produce perfection can free us from unrealistic aspirations and un-useful guilt or disappointment.

    Having and keeping company of those who have similar values and interests can help us maintain an honest, open and truthful connection, as well as promote healthy behaviors and overall wellbeing. Providing support and being understanding in relationships can ultimately offer twofold benefit – strengthening our connection while simultaneously releasing stress and helping us become healthier and more balanced.

    It is not just mere presence of people around us that makes a difference, but rather quality of the interactions that we experience. It is key that relationships are built on principles of trust, respect and kindness in order to be effective in providing positive changes to our mental and physical wellbeing. While not easy, with focus and awareness relationships can provide transformative, and often healing, effects to mind and body alike.

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