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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Moving On From Heartbreak: Learning to Love Again

    When our hearts have been broken and we feel like the walls around us are crumbling, it can often seem like there is no hope to be found. We can be left feeling helpless and lost, and it can easily feel like the pain is never going to go away.

    It may be hard to believe, but the truth is that anyone can survive being broken hearted and come out the other side feeling stronger and more whole than ever before. Benjamin Franklin once said, “God heals and the doctor takes the fees.” Knowing that God has the power to heal any broken heart means that you can too.

    The first step to healing after heartbreak is acceptance. You must accept how you are feeling in the present moment and search for ways that you can make the most of it. While it may feel like your world is coming to an end, it is important to remember that the situation can be used as an opportunity for personal growth. As they say, adversity is the stepping stone of progress.

    Once you have accepted your emotions, it is time to practice patience and trust. While it may be difficult, you must learn to trust in yourself and that you will eventually be able to move on. It may take weeks, months, or even years for your heart to heal, but with patience and faith in yourself, you will eventually get to a place of healing.

    When it comes to moving on from heartbreak, it is essential to focus on yourself and your own well-being. Take some time to focus on what makes you happy and learn to enjoy your alone time. You could use this time to try new hobbies and activities, or to connect with old friends and family members. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you are taking care of yourself and putting your needs first.

    In order to fully heal, it is also important to work through any feelings of anger and bitterness that you may be holding onto. Take some time to write down how you are feeling and then use this to explore any underlying issues or themes. By exploring these feelings, you can begin to move through them and eventually, forgive. Remember, forgiveness is not only for the person who hurt you but for yourself.

    Finally, learning to love again is an essential part of recovering from heartbreak. Instead of looking back and focusing on the pain of the past, look ahead and open yourself up to new possibilities. You never know how much beauty and joy life has in store for you. True love cannot be rushed so take your time and enjoy getting to know new people.

    No one deserves to go through heartbreak and entering into a new relationship after one can be difficult. But if you are patient, kind to yourself, and willing to work through the pain of the past, you can eventually find your way to a place of healing and openness. So don’t be afraid to take the plunge – take your time and keep searching for your happily ever after.

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