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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    A Spiritual and Generational Perspective on Marriage

    Finding a connection between marriage and spirituality is not a new concept. In fact, the two are shared by both the past and the present. Marriage is something that has been with us since the dawn of time; it is something that carries with it a special significance that transcends even the bounds of legal agreements. It binds us to each other, both physically and spiritually, in ways that extend beyond our understanding at times.

    A spiritual perspective on marriage goes beyond the everyday engagement of living life together and brings with it a deeper connection to our partners. It allows us to confront issues from both sides of the coin — as separate individuals, but also as part of an inextricable union. Our connection to each other through this relationship is a reflection of our faith and our strength throughout the ebbs and flows of life.

    This spiritual connection can also offer clarity around the generational implications of marriage. Our ancestors have gone through the same cycle of union and division countless times. By considering their experiences, we can gain insight into what it means to be married in today's society. Regardless of religion or race, we all share many of the same struggles when it comes to forming a successful partnership. We all have certain expectations when it comes to our relationships — expectations that can vary greatly from one generation to another. By meditating on this collective wisdom, we can form a clearer picture of marriage from our unique vantage point.

    The practice of marriage is an ever-evolving art — one which we may never fully appreciate in its entirety. But by understanding the spiritual elements that exist within marriage, we gain a greater respect for how marriage has impacted generations before us. This makes us more aware of how we choose to enter our own unions and guides us towards making wiser decisions along the way.

    Marriage is a sacred institution; one that gives us the opportunity to form deep connections with our partners. But it is ultimately up to us to decide how these connections will be formed. If we take the time to better understand these spiritual and generational characteristics surrounding marriage, then we can develop stronger foundations for our partnerships—ones that have every chance of weathering even the strongest storms together.

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