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Help -- still feel flooded


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I'm taking this course and feel that I don't have adequate knowledge to be in it. I didn't take the prerequisite and it's a very intense course... we're doing diplomatic negotiations now, and I don't have enough knowledge of the regions and yet I am the central player (the United States) in negotiations. It's reallly intense and I feel overwhelmed and want to drop the course, but it's too late in the game. My teammates (I have 2 team members) are A students and disappointed in my attendance (or lack thereof) in the negotiations so far and have contacted the prof. to let him know so my participation mark will suffer (I expressed concerns about this before -- i'm not failing in that respect but it's not good.)


I don't know what to do, because it's past the point that I can drop without it affecting my academic record (i.e. i'd fail the course if I drop at this point) and secondly, I'd only have 2 courses if I drop as I'm only taking 3 courses this term so it would have a big effect on my course enrollment. I have a meeting tomorrow, and presentation in class on Wed... I just feel really overwhelmed and like I can't do this. I want to drop out of school altogether almost....I feel stressed.

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Relax at least try to anxiety doesnt help how about asking for some help like you could tell your teamate that instead of complaining about you the should help if not dont be afraid to ask someone else stick it out you can do this because its so difficult right now for you its gonna twice as rewarding in the end.

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Breathe. This is one class. Just repeat that to yourself over and over. This is not your life. This is not a reflection of who you are. This is not your self-value. This is not an indicator of how well you will do in life. This is not an indicator that you are a bad student. It is one class that you don't have the background in to be where everyone else is at, and you can't blame yourself for not knowing material that you've never been exposed to.

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Have you talked to the professor? Explain to him what you've said here -- that you're feeling overwhelmed by the course. Speak to your team members as well. You could ask them for some pointers on what to read/study, if they've taken the intro courses. I'm sure your group as a whole would perform better if you learned more about the regions -- your teammates should want to help you gain knowledge. You could make a list of topics that you're confused about, and just read up on those topics. Don't fail the class just because you don't want to admit that you're completely lost. Talk to your professor and talk to your teammates before it's too late.

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Why aren't you going to class?


The less you go, the harder it is going to get. I suggest you buckle down. Apologize to your teammates about the lack of attendance, and tell them they can count on you from now on. Ask your prof if there are any general background books you could skim for info on whatever region you are discussing now. Ask a teammate to give you some pointers. If you have a politics student study center or something similar, you could bring them a draft of points you plan to make during the negotiations and ask them to help you with it. Go to the prof's office hours with questions. Seriously, you can do it, you just have to commit.

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I have to admit Lily, I would be like your team members and reporting your poor attendance to the professor too.


It is a very unfair burden to be placing on them when you are not showing up and contributing...and it has them worrying about THEIR own final mark if their presentation marks end up being poor because they never were cohesive as a group.


I am not as smart as some of the people in my classes....but rather than let it intimidate me, I focus on my strengths. My goal is not to be top in class, but to do my best effort and learn. I also guarantee that even those whom do well, feel the same stress. They just deal with it differently than you are.


The more you avoid classes, and the situation, the less you are going to know.


At this point, you are really your own enemy sweetie.

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"Prioritize your panic" - meaning instead of giving in to the panic, make a list of all the things that are panicking you about this class in order of importance. You are not allowed to indulge in spending any time focusing on the general "panic" - you must first tackle the most important task and so on.

This has nothing to do with the course most likely - it's going to be the same at any job you do - if you're a perfectionist and indulge in panicking instead of acting - getting the work done to the best of your ability - you will find any job or course overwhelming. You are the only thing getting in the way of yourself. Far easier to panic than to sit down and prioritize your panic - make that list and ignore everything on the list except the one item you need to work on.

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