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Has anyone been to a psychic reading????


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Has anyone had a psychic reading before and what were your experiences from it. I know a lot of people who go to psycics when their relationships end and when they cannot see things clearly. I did it once and feel foolish to have done so. What were you stories?

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I have. I dunno, mostly, it's entertainment. Most of them aren't real, they just want your money. but it is fun and amusing, just don't give them too much money! I went to a psychic and she told me some stuff was going to happen in january, and it never did, so I don't put a lot of stock in everything she said, but it was a fun experience.

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I haven't but I want to. Close girlfriends of mine went as a part of their bridal party bonding thing. It was apparently pretty accurate. But you gotta pick and choose. Also, I am a believer that you might not like what they say but there is a reason it is being said. It might push you to do something else.

But yes, above all, entertainment. Not cold hard fact. Just what might be, if you follow that path.

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yes, I think when someone is emotionally heartbroken they are vulnerable to to pay for some "hope" especially regarding the ex, but it's probably best to not be 'wondering about the ex". but instead concentrate on yourself, your own healing, and be YOUR OWN psychic, and decide that you are going to be happy and fulfilled in your own heart in the future, and set some small goals to getting there by empowering yourself, and widening your own world.

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I have heard a lot about them but only a few of then have some true knowledge, most of them are fake giving multiple answers to the same question but their are few like paul o mara of who had a great deal of knowledge about psychics

here is his link

paulomara dot com

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I just have my own tarot by Aleister Crowley and a big fat book describing every card in every possible alignment and position

I am familiar with tarot for almost 10 years now, and I used them a lot.

I believe that there are good psychics out there, but probably not in my country, we don't even have a lot of fake ones))

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