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So I've been in therapy for pretty much four years now dealing with all the crap in my life from eating disorders to my abusive mother to an unplanned pregnancy and now postpartum depression. I've been to self help groups too. I'm at the point where I don't think therapy can do much for me anymore, because sometimes its not just that I have problems but I just feel like crap 24/7 for no reason. I have no energy to do anything, I have no motivation, and I avoid things at all costs. I have to force myself just to go out. I cant take it any more and I decided I want to try a diff route... antidepressents. How do I go about getting these? Do I see a psychiatrist? Where do I find one? Or can I ask my doctor? Will my doctor just hand me a prescription? Because she doesnt know any of my history (shes a new doctor) and I feel as though she will say something stupid like "go to therapy" which will no doubt make me more depressed. How do I approach this?

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The most effective treatment for depression is a combination of meds and therapy.


You can get antidepressants from either a psychiatrist or your regular doctor. It may take some time for you to figure out the correct dosage and which med you need to be on for the most benefit with the least amount of side effects. Once you are on it, it will take a minimum of 2 weeks to notice any improvement....and it's likely people around you will start to notice improvements before you do. Also, plan on a minimum of 6 months on meds to get maximum benefit.


It's also quite possible that your brain chemistry is such that you will need to stay on some kind of med long-term to regulate yourself. Some people are just wired that way, and to be fully functioning and happy, they need the meds on a permanent basis. However, I think a lot of people are fine using meds and therapy on a temporary basis to help them over the rough spots and learn how to cope with things in new and better ways.


I've dealt with depression on and off throughout my entire adult life. If it gets bad, I take meds for a few months and head back to therapy for a while. Most of the time anymore, though, I'm fine with no meds and no therapy or just therapy if something specific is bothering me.

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If you haven't tried meds, you should go speak to your regular doctor. Mention the way you're feeling and the fact that you are in therapy and intend to continue. It might be more comfortable for you and quicker to get in with a doc you are already established with than to go to a specialist (like a psychiatrist) you've never seen before.


A good doc isn't going to deny you medication and will work with you to find the proper med and dosage for you.

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