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Emphasis on "looking for" the best


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I'm currently post secondary school and would like to make the best out of it before going into the jungle. I'm extremely attracted to the most lively female whose got a life of their own. But honestly, i won't go talk to them because it's almost never a relevant situation to. Even if i did, i can really only keep up a convo for a limited time... i mean, what can you talk about to a stranger.



I'm not experienced in dating, so i couldn't pick out who i should invest more time on. If there's an extraordinary girl around, and if i know she has everything (looks, personality, and life), then i'll definitely go for her. But it's not easy to identify these girls either. How How How?


Now, i don't really like the idea of spending some time chatting with 100 girls and then pick. I'd rather someone tell me how to identify good ones so i can focus on spending more time with them. However, i may eventually have to resort to doing that if I couldn't draw myself a conclusion and stick to a plan.


It would have been much better if my female friends that i know for a decade or more can give me some advice, but they always seemed unwilling to answer these questions. So they're not that helpful in this area.


Please help me on this one

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I think that experience is the bast way to lean who you want, trial and error. You will become better at chosing as you find what good qualities you like and which to stay away from. I know thats probably not what you wanted to hear but it is the best way, maybe you will get luck and pick a winner right off. You might try just befriending them with no intentions of dating until you know them better, maybe you will think you are a match on another level or maybe you just have a new friend. No harm there right?

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Thanks for the reply sann!!! For awhile I thought I wrote something inappropriate cause no one was replying. But yeah... i know what you mean.


I take this post quite seriously because i really intend to do it. I'm at the verge of initiation. But just one question, you said "befriending them with no intentions of dating".


What are some of the best ways to explicitly get that message accross to them?


I'd rather be explicit because girls whom i told I have no interest in them, and that i told them it, will generally stay as my good friends. There are no *things* going on whenever we talk. And i liked to stay in that position for all of the girls i (will) meet. I don't want to have to worry about whether they have interest in me, and vice versa.

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I am not sure I understand what you are asking.

If you are asking about how to change from a friend to girlfriend, I guess it depends on the girl. Sometimes it is as sipmple as asking her on a date, or maybe just telling her that your feelings for her have changed.


Friendship is not always the best option, it was just a suggestion. Maybe for you it would be best to just ask her on a date right off the bat.


I hope that helps

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