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Anyone Using NC Never Get Contacted?

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Just curious.


As anyone that has tried NC never, ever get contacted by their ex again?


How many people have successfully fixed a relationship using it?


I just started today (if cards that I sent out before today do not count) and am curious how many times NC really means the end? I don't know what I want, except to be happy again.

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My (horribly unqualified) guess is that it means the end 95% of the time. As Dako said, the objective isn't necessarily to get the ex back, it's to move on with your own life.


You'll find happiness again whether your ex gets back together with you or not. It might be hard to believe now, but it will get easier.

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My ex and I were together for 2.5 years. I implemented NC about 1 month after the break up. That was 2.5 years ago. We haven't spoken since I started NC. But I couldn't be happier.


I am in a new relationship, living with my bf and completely in love. Neither of us have contact with our ex's and it makes a HUGE difference.

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Remember that NC is for YOU first! It helps you heal, and the less you think about using NC as a tool to 'win' your ex back, the faster you will heal and the sooner she may come running back to you.


Saying this, I have the hardest time convincing myself of what I just said, even though I know it to be the truth. It's very very hard to implement, and very hard to deal with.


Stay strong and read the main threads about NC over and over whenever you feel weak.

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Hey mac. I think you shld use the NC to feel better and not with the hopes that an ex will come back. That said NC works only in cases where people might have been confused about whether he/she was the one or because of some stressful situatoion the couple argued a lot and decided to break up etc... but if it was something horrible like they cheated on you or they were verbally or physically abusive to you etc then I would say NC doesnt work and I dont think you should hope that it works. I was once dating this guy who cheated on me and I told him I didnt want to speak to him for ever and I meant it!

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My ex was more confused than anything. She had cold feet, and then this guy just dropped in her lap. She felt as if she was missing out on life and wanted her freedom, which included dating this guy.


She handled the situation very poorly, direguarded my feelings, and trampled on my heart. I'm very hurt by her actions, and don't know if she I can or want to forgive her. I still love her, and still see my future with her, but I don't know if I should.


She's very stubborn, so I don't know if I will hear from her again, but would really like to someday.

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