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  1. Inspiration allows words to flow freely. "An inspiration is what you are to me, inspiration, look... see." Zeppelin
  2. No poem can describe you nor sculptor inscribe you. No singer can hum you nor instrument strum you. No place can sum you. I love you.
  3. How would it sound if you were a poem? Wouldn't it start with "You Are Home"? How would it look if you were art? A beautiful Goddess with a heavenly heart? If you were a song, could you be sung? Only angels could sing you in their mother tongue. If you were a place, would you be a beach? An ocean? A planet? Are you within reach? If you were my star, how bright would you shine? Would you twinkle for me? Make the planets align? If you were a grape ripening on a vine, Could I taste your flesh? Could I drink of your wine? If I could kiss you, what would I taste? Would all other flavors be slowly erased? If I could touch you, what would I feel? Something celestial? Something surreal? If I could have you, what would I do? I'd give you myself and always be true.
  4. Hey BB. Words are there to be interpreted, and meaning is given to the reader however they read it. The "ones" have multiple meanings for me. I didn't focus on "reborn" as much as I focused on "Without"...the word that comes up most...check link removed out.
  5. Funny thing is that the words "one" here don't really mean what everyone probably thinks they mean...
  6. I'm on my way. How many times can we be born, I wonder?
  7. Well said my friend. I would add that my hope in creating this thread was that it would aid some people who have yet to have their final conversation. It was also created (maybe in a destructive fashion, as you put it) in the hopes that I would be able to have another "Final Conversation" with my ex. But as the days go on, I think that breaking NC to have another Final Conversation might do more harm than good. Still something that I cannot figure out, and no it is not simply an answer of "You're in NC, stay in it" or "You're just looking for excuses to talk to her." I'm passed those stages now. Thankfully.
  8. Without seeking, without looking, it finds me. A warmth that melts me into a living breathing puddle. Heart pounding, stomach tickling, head floating. Without one. One within reach. Two. I feel you close to me. Renaissance. The cycle repeats. Order, life. Without thinking, without planning, it snags. A weight pulls me down - a rock on the ground. Chest heaving, tears rolling, silent screams. Without one. One within reach. Lost. Where are you? Darkness. The cycle repeats. Chaos, death. Without trying, without faking, it holds. A hand encloses mine and balance returns. Without one. One within reach. Reaching...
  9. Thats the same as the movie, The Secret? I saw the movie...had mixed feelings about it.
  10. Thanks. Here is my post about Castaneda (it never really took off Here are his 10 book series. If you do end up reading the books, don't get too into the debate on the authenticity of them. Just enjoy the stories and the meanings behind them...
  11. My emotions wrote that, although I don't think its entirely that good. Do you like the signature because you recognize it (have you read Castaneda?) or do you just enjoy the idea?
  12. Sleep for me cannot yet be I need to stay awake and see the pictures of a true beauty who gently blows a kiss to me If you must; go rest your eyes I will gasp and moan my sighs of lust and love and sad goodbyes of neck and lips and breasts and thighs If you must; go rest your eyes I'll wait until the sun does rise which truly is what I despise darkening the Nighttime skies Just sleep and I will dream of you for now I'll simply say adieu I really think I do love you My Goddess of the skies.
  13. MajorD where are you...you need to write another post!
  14. Re-reading these posts help me every time I feel down.
  15. Each day is a nightmare for me. I cannot deal with this. I love her so much, and I miss her voice and her touch. Right now we are separated by thousands of miles, but soon she won't even be on this continent. When that time comes I know I am going to be so angry at myself that I didn't see her one last time while I had the chance...I NEED to see her! Can't I at least see her one last time? I love her so incredibly much...I am living in hell.
  16. Doesn't really matter if thats what happened to SuperDave because he is in a league of his own...a master of his own being and his love life, at a stage that if I can ever attain by the time I die, I will have accomplished a great feat. Saying this, I am interested in his answer too Dave, you truly are inspirational. Reading your posts have helped me tremendously... Although I am in horrible pain each day, and every day I want to call the ex, I stick to NC because of reading your posts, MajorD's posts, and FriscoDJ's words of wisdom (along with everyone else here at ENA). Without you guys I would still be calling her and crying on the phone, searching for answers that aren't there. Thanks Dave.
  17. They don't miss you if they have someone else already...a cushion... And silence cannot be interpreted? Hah! It could be interpreted as 1) You hate them 2) You are too scared to call them 3) You are trying to make them feel bad 4) You are trying NC in order to get them back 5) You are too embaressed to call them 6) You never really liked them and were only using them, and once you realized you couldn't have them anymore you stopped trying 7) You found someone else 8 ) You are dead 9).....I could keep going...forever... The truth is that silence CAN and IS interpreted, and the only reason why I am sticking with NC is because a lack of words can be MIS-interpreted...so thereforeeee they will never be quite sure. Anyway, even if you give them the reasons why you are doing NC, it seems like NC is the only real option out there.
  18. Bump so I see this tomorrow morning... I can do this!
  19. And a story that I can (and will) read through the threads you've posted. Sorry to hear that your going through rough times (again).
  20. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry for what you've gone through, but I'm glad you shared, and you seem like your doing just fine.
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