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  1. I don't mind doing it but it isn't my favourite thing! But I do try to get into it if I am doing it
  2. If I get really drunk, I can so see myself taking a dip in the harbour! haha Can't run but I sure SWIM!
  3. hahaha yup. that'll be me... curled up in a ball on the floor shaking with fear at my hen's party. My good girlfriend has already told me that if I get engaged, she wants to have the hens night on one of those stripper boats on Sydney harbour I may have to get very drunk...
  4. I have an actual FEAR of male strippers. They scare me.
  5. I approached my guy the first time we met. It shows confidence.
  6. 1. What is the most difficult problem you and you partner face in your relationship? Different outlook. He is extremely health conscious - always working out and eating the right foods and he feels yuck if he slacks off. Where as, I am naturally slim so I don't really worry - I eat whatever I want and hardly ever work out. It drives him crazy. I'm in my early twenties and he is 29 so I still want to go out clubbing and travel, where as he has done it and he's ready to settle. 2. Do communication differences get better with time? As long as you are being honest and respectful they should always be fine. They can get "better" with time if you both agree to work on it together and make a real effort to do so. 3. What keeps your relationship going strong? Communication, Respect, Understanding, Affection and Forgiveness. 4. Any words of advice for someone wanting to maintain a healthy relationship? Honesty and Respect. Don't stress over the little things and always remember to LOVE eachother!
  7. somebloke as girl friend has said, how many people die who have repented all of their sins??
  8. I believe it is a sin... but then so is lying, stealing, cheating etc I believe that we are saved by the blood of Jesus. And like all sins, it is forgivable. More than anything, I think it the most tragic and awful way someone could leave the earth. I believe that in most cases it is selfish and cowardice.
  9. My bf told me that he loves me for the first time when he was drunk! It made him more confident.... However, when we woke up the next morning... he said it again. I think your bf is just scared.
  10. My boyfriend loves doing this too! If I'm really in the mood, I actually like it! It gets me going...
  11. Yeah I feel good about it. We have VERY different fighting styles. He fights by saying stupid things and calls names because he can't string together an argument when he is steamed up. I am very composed in fights and usually "fight like a lawyer" if you know what I mean... I debate.
  12. I ask my boyfriend if he would ever speak about my blow job skills in public and he said "hell no! I don't want anyone knowing how good you are.." haha. I asked him if he thought it was compariable to my PMS comment. He said "a little but the PMS comment WAS funny if a little embarrasing for me but a blow job comment is just plain wrong at a bbq" Yes, there was conversation about who was going to drive. But I think he assumed that I would stay stone sober aswell becasue he was. I just want to make clear that I was NOT drunk but I was tipsy. I think sometimes it is because we crave the drama but then when we get it, we don't know how to handle it.
  13. After starting thise thread yesterday, I went home last night with the intention of working this out. We sat down and had a good talk about all of the things that contributed to the fight. He took responsibility for the fight on Saturday after the bbq and said that he was pissed off because I made him look like a in front of his mates. He said he didn't mean to start a fight but it did... He apologised and I apologised for making him feel stupid in front of his friends. He also said that he says stupid things when we fight because he kind of "Malfunctions" because he can't communicate in a fighting atmosphere. I think this is fair enough... He isn't a fighter and he can't handle it when we do fight. He said that he loves me so much that he gets scared when we fight that I am going to leave him or that I don't want to be with him anymore. So he gets on defensive and says things like "if you don't want to be here, you know where the door is". I promised him that I am going to think more before I speak and he has promised me to come to me with any issues he has when he is calm and not angry.
  14. Yes, all of those things did start the fight and lead to me packing my bags. And he did start the fight by calling me selfish because I was tipsy.
  15. Firstly, he offered to drive. Secondly, I have to agree with the ladies here and say that commenting on my blow-job skills is in a totally different league to me commenting on his PMS empathy. I understand how it made him feel "less of a man" and I apologised. Thank you for your realistic view point.
  16. Well it's comforting to know that I'm not alone in the world!
  17. My big question is... How do I stop this????
  18. Wow. Sounds like speak from experience?? This is very interesting...
  19. Ok... I'm going to have a chat to him tonight. Will let you know how it goes!
  20. Yup. But we communicate fine usually... which is why we hardly ever fight. But then once very couple of month we do blow up. The more I listen to myself type... the more I'm questioning this whole thing!
  21. No he usually says it when we argue. And when I says back to him "No you're not" he will say "OH YES I AM" I think he says it to get a reaction aswell. But it's more like he's testing me to see "how much" I love him. When he says that I always go straight and pack my bags. Now that I think about it.... I'm going to ask him straight up if he even wants me there.
  22. Totally agree. He always says to me that he is "the boss" in the relationship. I don't think he likes it when I grab the reins.
  23. lol Of course not! I only spoke like that BECAUSE he hurt me so much by saying what he said and we were fighting. I would never usually use that kind of langauge. He's also got a really bad habit of calling me names when we fight. He's promised to stop doing that aswell.
  24. Yeeeeesss I did think about my own actions and i promised to think before I speak more (taking into consideration that he is so sensitive)...
  25. That's exactly what I feel like sometimes! On eggshells... While we were at the bbq, a girl brought up the subject of PMS. I said that my boyfriend gets sympathy PMS with me and we binge eat together and are usually both emotional around that time. He said later that I shouldn't have said that in front of his mates because it was embarrasing and I was "insensitive" by saying it. But no one even cared... everyone was laughing! Not at him but everyone was inputting into the conversation and laughing at the different comments. He also said that I was "selfish" by drinking when we was driving. I only had 4 glasses of wine! I was tipsy at best... Last night when we sorted it out, I said to him to never ever say that to me ever again "you know where the door is" and if he wants me to leave to grow some balls, be a man and just say it. He says that he only says that because he thinks that I want to leave. Again... Hyper sensitive. ](*,)
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