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scratching skin excessively!?!

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ok so lately i have noticed i have been excessively scratching my skin to the point of bleeding. I cant stop sometimes... its like i like the feeling of it or something. Or maybe i just have really dry skin of something. But my roomates have also noticed that i have been doing this alot and i have lots of marks all over my body from this. They said it could be a desease or a psychological issue...any thoughts?

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I had that too - mine was (weirdly) a reaction to too much dairy; an allergic reaction anyway. I was clawing at my skin in my sleep. Moisturising and an anti-histamine worked really well, and let my skin heal. It was horrible though - I was taking those pro-biotic drinks. Has anything changed in your diet or surroundings that might make you itch without realising it?

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