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Cyber friends...

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Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but since it's closely related to the topic I'd thought I'd ask for some advice, or comments here.

I've been divorced for about 6 months...ended amicably and we are still friends.

I live alone, am self sufficient, like my single life and not really looking for anyone special right now.

One day I came accross this online game that I enjoy playing in my spare time and have several names on my friends list, male and female.

By chance I met with a man during my "play time" and we hit it off, we spent a few hours getting to know each other and playing the game. Our conversation that day bordered on flirtatious, which was alright with me, until I got curious and asked him about his marital status...you got it! He's married.

I told him in no uncertain terms that I do not care to have an intimate relationship, online or otherwise with married men and that we can be friends and just play the game on occasion.

Being the intelligent worldly woman (lol)...I asked him why he was flirting with me when he's married? Of course, it went on to the "my wife doesn't pay attention to me...not enough sex...lack of communication" conversation.

He has continued to pursue me in the game, and I enjoy chatting with him as our banter is quite lively and humorous most of the time. We've also exchanged emails, pictures and chat privately on a daily basis about his life, his relationship with his wife and have spoken on the phone a couple times.

That's about it in a nutshell...this was about a month ago.

I don't really want to develop feelings for this man, and I encourage him to work things out with his wife.

I could really see myself with this man(or his type) in the future, but don't pry or hint to any such thing, and not interested in becoming the other woman either.

But I see our conversations are becoming more "heated up" and emotional and he has indicated that he wants to give his marriage a chance to see if things will change in his situation. He says he doesn't love her, but that he is comfortable being with her. I find that noble and have told him this, and I certainly don't want to become the reason for any more disturbances in that respect.

Lately I've been thinking about ending this relationship as I have a dreaded feeling that we could take this further, although there was never any hints at meeting face to face for an interlude, and he says he's never physically cheated on her and couldn't possibly do that.

So what's all your thoughts on this? This is the strangest relationship I've ever had with a man. I really like him and we have alot in common and can chat for hours, but I feel like what we're doing is wrong.

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