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  1. It is really hard to just STOP talking with someone..that you spent almost every day talking with either on msn or phone or whatever. It is gonna take some time to get used to not speaking with her, im guessing she has your email addy so if she wanted to contact you she could.but removing her from your msn is a wise decision, and deleting her mobile number also. I wouldnt even think of getting into another relationship whether it be online or in RL... not just yet anyhows. You need time away,, and slowly as the days pass by you will think about her less and less.I ve been through it and it isnt easy, but if all it does is cause you stress then it isnt worth going through it. Take time away from the pc, go see people that you know offline, start a new hobby or something, you will be ok,, time heals hun.
  2. as long as you werent declaring your undying love for her or something. if it was just a sweet e-card i think thats nice that you thought of her on valentines day..if it were full of mushy heart pouring stuff then maybe it make her run.
  3. i agree it probably is to soon to tell. but i would carry on as usual.. but be careful not to come on to strong..that might make her think omg and run.
  4. hmm he received the mail..but he didnt even send a simple thankyou.he really doesnt sound so into you, not at all. i would start preparing for this to end.
  5. sometimes mails dont come through right away.. many times i have sent emails and the person hadnt received them until the following day or even longer or even the email never showed up at all..and this has happened where somebody insists they sent me mail but it never showed up in my inbox. so it is possible..so i think you need to not run in gun blazing on the other hand if he did receive that email and just didnt reply..well that isnt good, even if he doesnt like valentines day ..he could at least send back a reply just to say thankyou. IMO if he cant be arsed to send a simple thanks.. then you are obviously not quite his prioty in life.
  6. i know how you mean,it can be annoying when your busy and someone keeps messenging you all the time.. why not just put yourself on away, or just block him when you dont feel like talking,then unblock when you want to talk.
  7. i dont see the big deal about you knowing his passwords.. he knows you have them so he would be expecting you to take a look.so just tell him you looked and ask him what he meant by that comment..it might not mean what you think.
  8. she sounds like a nightmare to me. i agree that your supposed to make each other happy...ok not all the time everyone needs a good fight now and again to let off some steam but to make you feel this * * * * everyday is bad. maybe you should talk to her and let her know how she makes you feel. im wondering what is going on in her head to make her the way she is. was she always this way?
  9. you asked her what time would be good to call? and then she put her away sign up..just minutes before you were about to call.. and then didnt answer her phone. well she could have forgot..but most likely she didnt wanna talk with you on the phone. maybe her husband came in the room. or came home unexpectedly?
  10. i totally agree. something is terribly worng here for him to be sneaking around online, and you sneaking around his emails.
  11. Is that the sort of man you wanna be involved with..someone who is married but flirts online? i would say if you have started to feel things for him then i would walk away, he is married ! if its just a friend thing then i see no issure there.
  12. I think its weird, but maybe thats cause the guys i have talked with are like 'hey , are u horny? eh hell noooo sat here to my pc i think not!
  13. i dont see why anyone would wanna stay in contact with a ex.. unless you werent so in love in the first place then i can see why you would and could stay in contact or if you have children together. but why the hell would you wanna hear all the details of his new girl.and how things are going great for them..hell no i couldnt and wouldnt put myself through that. i agree with NC its the best way at least until you feel like your heart is mended then maybe you could be in contact again someday.
  14. i agree with all the others .. this isnt your problem i dont mean that in a nasty way..but she could be using emotional blakcmail here..ive seen that done..tell somebody close to her how she is being..then walk away. staying with her or coming round evrytime she calls in a state will make her feel like you still care and maybe there is a chance for you two. i wouldnt be there for her.not in this way.
  15. i guess if you want to know whats up? then your going to have to call him. personally providing you know he is home and safe (that nothing bad has happened) that he couldnt contact you , then i wouldnt bother..what a selfish {mod edit} for just dissappearing like that. id forget him and move on. he wil probably look you up when whatever or whoever leaves his life there.. then you can tel him to do one .
  16. i still disagree i guess its personal opinions.. some people wouldnt go near anyone who had done time for a violent crime.. personally i believe that people deserve a second chance in life.. he made a mistake.by the sounds of it..he isnt proud of what happened and is doing everything to put his life back on track. thats a good thing and he shouldnt be pushed aside just because he made a mistake. personally i think the ones you have to watch out for are them online who are shady in their openess. the ones who cant quite give a straight answer.. change their answer from time to time.. he was open and honest and he made a big mistake..it doesnt mean he is going to turn into a violent woman beating basterd . of course IMO
  17. i have to say i have only stayed friends with one ex..and that is basically because we have a daughter together.and things would be to messy for her. i cant be friends with a ex..i mean i dont wanna hear about the new love ect..no thanks.. when its over its over.. i admire ppl who still have feelings for a ex..and stay friends with them but persoanlly i think its a way of holding on to any last part of them.. unless of course you no longer have any feelings for them then i guess it could work
  18. of course not.. nobody should have to put up with any form of abuse ever! you have a point but there is no clear way to ever know who your meeting..wither it be in your local town.. online.. or through a friend..there is a risk whatever. i wouldnt walk away from someone purely based on the fact that he made a mistake and went to prison. i would be very careful with him and keep my eyes open. but i disagree with posts here that say she should walk away. i totally disagree with you saying that the op is predetermined for that type of relationship... how can you say that ? you dont know her.. or him.. she is well aware of what he has done.. and for some they would run a mile but she has decided to stay by his side..i see nowt wrong with that all. i dated someone who went to prison.. for car theft.. he did his crime and did his time so to speak.he regretted it, and turned over a new leaf .i trusted him 100%. as it happens we split up but had nothing to do with the fact he had been to prison..and as far as i know he has a very comfortable business all above aboard and legal with a family of his own now. so it doesnt predetermined anything
  19. oh yea for sure. it helps to get ppls opinions.. advice is given then its up to you what you do with it. i like it here
  20. didnt you ever go off track in your life? it happens.. online or offline.. just cause someone been inside doesnt mean there evil or going hurt people..sometimes lifes situations take you down roads you wish you hadnt gone into.. you seem smart, i think he deserves a chance. of course if anything seems wrong then it probably is..and i would deffinetly be cautious with the whole thing..but i would be cautious regardless of him having been inside or not . i hope it all goes good for you there
  21. good question. i think i would do it all again..cause for all the crap at the end and all the pain..we had so many good times together..he really made me laugh.feel good. and loved me so much ONCE ! i guess it makes it hard for the next relationship though..cause now i know how good things can get.
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