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Hot Girls in the Car next to Me??

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Hey everyone, i was coming home from work tonight and i was waiting at a red light and i notice a car in the corner of my eye, and when it stopped next to me, there are two very hot girls my age, not the snotty rich girls either, but they were pretty, and both of them were looking at me when i turned my head, and i saw them (it was dark outside) and i looked away within like two seconds, and the light turned green, and that was it. I was thinking later on tonight, what should i do when there are attractive girls looking at me when i notice them? Im clueless. Any ideas? Just curious Thanks!

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Um...you talk to them? Except since you were in your car...and you were waiting at a red light, you rev your engine twice, and race lol haha, actually I'm not going to condone racing(eh emm) but in any other circumstances other than being at a red light in your car, you smile at them and if they smile back you go and talk and flirt, easy as that.

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