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Help Me In A Tight Spot Please!!

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Me and my girlfriend have recently broken up after three years of being together(By the way I'm obly 17 so this is huge). She broke up with me because the spark was dying. She still talks to me and it seems as if she wants to be friends but may still have some feelings deep inside. I still want to be with her and im kind of playing hard to get right now. Is that the right thing or what should I do? I just want her to like me again because we have so much in common and it felt like she was the one, I dont want to lose this. Do you think it is possible to get her to like me again? How? Do you think I should even try or just move on? I'm hurting inside very badly, I can't see myself with anyone else. How long do you think I should wait to go for her again (If you think thats what I should do) HELP!

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Wow. I'm sorry to hear about the situation, craizy.


I was also in a long term (little over three years) relationship as a teen. My advice (and most likely that of the other members here) is to show her you still care (but don't over do it), then try not contacting her for a while: at least until you've started to feel like yourself again. Growing as your own person may bring back the spark; it may not. Either way, it will definitely make you feel better.


As a footnote, my long term high school boyfriend got back in touch with me several times over after I moved on. Each time he told me he'd made a huge mistake in taking off and wanted another chance...but I had realized that things probably wouldn't change if I did go back with him. It can work either way...sometimes you'll find that having your freedom means more than having your ex.

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I wouldn't bother playing hard to get.


Don't go into a relationship expecting it will work out just because it concerns your case. Reality is that a girl can pack her bags and leave any day.


You don't own a person. You can love them but you can't keep them hostage. This because life is like sand, eventually everything will slip from your hand. She has a free will to decide with whomever she wants to be. Even tho that can be painfull, you should respect what she wants in her life. You can't always have it your way in life. So its better to bend like grass sometimes then to break.

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