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My ex boyfriend and I broke up a month ago today. We have only spoken once since, and that was at school, a week after the breakup. I gave him a note, but he didn't respond. We have smiled at each other or waved, but no conversation. I have not called him nor has he called me. What is going on? Should it take this long to start talking again?

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I think there will be a moment when you both will start talking to each other again, but don't be too anxious.

I'm telling you this, because for me it took more than a year to get back talking with my ex.

It also depends on what you still expect from him... in fact, it seems like you want him back (maybe I'm wrong...but)...


Time will clear up everything... Just wait and you'll both know when it will be the right time!!


Good Luck



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hello strawberrywine. "how long before you guys can talk again depends on you." just a question, would you want to get back together with him? if not, talking to him would be easy for you.


You could just call him up ask him how he's doing lately, well, you don't need to do it like 7 times a week or more. just once in a while. As a friend, anyone can do that, right? If he does call you back at times, thats good, if not... just let things be.



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Hello strawberrywine, bythe way love the name you have chosen! it sounds yummy, now i want to drink some pink wine!lol

Sorry to read about your guy not talking to you, not acknowleging your letter and not acknowledging your presense as a human being beyond a smile or a wave of a hand. I know that is very difficult. And even if you feel you do not want to get back it must be hard to handle at times, I think it is only human to feel this way. It is very traumatic no matter what, to go from being really close with a person, to just having them wave at us.

Sorry hon that he didn{t respond to your note. Some people just have a hard time expressing their feelings and handling this types of situations. It sounds like your ex is one of those. Don{t think he is ignoring your note or you in a way, out of anything wrong with you or something negative to you. The problem or the lack of resourcefullness to handle this situation obviously lies with him.

How long will it take until you guys beging talking again? Only God knows sweety. It is really hard to predict these things as all persons are different and react in their own individual way to things, specially these emotionally charged subjects. Some people just find it easier not to face the facts and just to leave the past in the past. No matter what and unfortunately not communicating is the best and only way he can deal with it now.

If I were you I will just try to focus on other things. Try to accept the situation as is. If you want someday you can approach him. Tell him that just because you are now broken up you don{t need to be strangers. If you like him and appreciate him as a friend and as the person he is, just let him know. Maybe you can have a coffee one day, or walk together after class. But this is really up to you honey.

Well, hope this helps out a little. Best of luck to you.


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thanks reborn..your response helps a lot. I'm feeling like crap. My birthday is on saturday and I don't even think he will call. My eyes are watering typing that, but we pretty much just ignore each other so I don't know why he would call.


It feels like we don't even know each other anymore; anyone else feel that way? I mean I want to talk to him but he feels like a stranger..maybe it's better this way. Oh well. This forum has been great.

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I suggest you just let it take its course and talk to him once you've moved on. If he wants to chat thats fine, just dont really intiate anything. I tried being friends with my ex after we broke up and it didnt really work because we still talked like we did when we were together so I didnt ever start moving on and making progress until I just stopped calling. Sometimes they dont call, she doesnt and yes I do still miss her sometimes but I know there will be someone else, hang in there it will get better

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