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A little history first. My ex and I were together for about 9.5 years. We broke up in May got back together in July (if you could call it that) and we broke up for good in August and she moved out. When she moved out I found out that she had been cheating since at least April ( of course I suspected it but she lied when I asked her). She was dating this chump officially about a month after we broke up and they moven in together at the beginning of December.


The last time I spoke to her was on email in October (about money she still owes me) and she sent me another email around Thanksgiving to which I never responded. Yesterday she sent me another email just asking me how I was doing and how my dog was. She said she was good and so was her dog and cat. She said she complety understands if i dont want to talk to her ever but wishes I would respond.


Normally I would just ignore her but latley I have not been feeling as strong as I usaully do. Probably because of the holidays and such. Seeing her email really made me sad and I have been thinking about the good times and how it is just such a shame how everything ended the way it did. I almost responded today just saying I am fine and thats it.


Anyways I guess I am just looking for some encouragement or advice as this is probably the worst I have felt since the first month of the break up!

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She's probably emailing you because 1) she's no longer with that other guy and 2) she now realizes what she had!


Now you have to decide what you want to do. Answer her email and run the risk of opening old wounds? Or, keep ignoring her emails, and keep healing and moving on?


If she cheated on you in the past, it's likely she'll do it again. A good predictor of future behavior is past behavior unless something substantial has changed within her. This is a call only you can make.

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I know she is still with that guy and I know that she regrets everything that she did. We have some mutual friends who always seem to tell me things when we are drinking.


There is no way I would ever be with her again. I also believe the past predicts the future and boy would I be stupid if I even considered her agian.


I just think that it is kind of rude for me not to respond because my dog was also her dog so I feel kind of bad not responding when she is asking about my dog but then again she made her choices and they had consequences.

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9.5 year and you didn't get married. I think it's interesting that no time in history could people be comsidered boyfriend/girlfriend for that long without a common law marriage title. You lived together I assume.

Who was against making a formal committment? Why?

Are there children involved?

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seriously once a cheater, always a CHEATER!!!! to the MAX!


its your call dude. personal, i wouldn't email her back, since the circumstance was of her was cheating, i'd just move along with my life and focus on other things than her email. But!!! there has to be a reason why she wants you to email her back. probably she still wants you in her life ? or could it be she realizes what she lost. who knows?! its all on you. best of luck with what you do!

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You shouldn't be ignoring her emails. You should be BLOCKING the emails from the cheater so that you don't have to think about them anymore. Trust me on this one.


I agree 100% with this.


Do no let her back in at all. Block everything. Change your phone number if you have to.


Do not feel guilty about the dog, because she's trying to use the dog as a way to try and get back in with you somehow; playing a game or not, do not fall for it, at all.


Stand strong! And good job with doing that so far!

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Yeah, you guys are right and I decided that there is no way in hell I will respond to anything she has to say to me. She is very manipulitive and I know she always has an agenda so there was a reason she is contacting me and I dont want to know what it is anymore. I still feel a little bad about ignoring her, but then agian she didnt give a crap about making me feel horrible when we broke up so any pain I can cause her now makes me feel damn good. Does that make me evil? lol

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