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  1. Nice poem man. I remember that feeling like that.
  2. LOL Good poem, I was cracking up reading it.
  3. I agree with the other posters, this is just a sign of things to come if you did get involved with her.
  4. JoeWho


    A lot of people just don't appreciate what they have until they loose it. Then once they loose it or think they are about to loose it, they have an awakening and suddenly realize they have been neglecting their s/o and will do almost anything to get them back or keep them if its not too late. This happens with both men and women although it seems far more common for the man to neglect his s/o
  5. Just leave it in her hands, if she calls you next week like she said then you will know that she has at least some interest. In the mean time if I were you I would be looking for other ladies to take out.
  6. Its all how you choose to look at your situation. Too me right now being alone is great. I love it!!!
  7. Have you tried any of the on-line dating sites? Lots of people talk positively about them today. As for the loneliness well I just try to think about all the things that I can do because I am single. Like going skiing on Saturday and fishing on Sunday. Certainly could not do that if I were in a relationship.
  8. JoeWho

    No "O"

    Definitely do not tell him that you have been faking it for 9 years. Maybe you could try just masturbating while he is next to you just so you can orgasm with him there. Then once you are comfortable with that, things could progress toward him.
  9. I have always been quite capable of attracting girls and I never had a problem with "cant help it" That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard in my life!
  10. You'll have some really, really great times too!!!
  11. Most of the guys I know who are in relationships are very loyal. In fact I havent know too many guys who were chronic cheaters. Its not gender based, its character based!!
  12. If there were only a way to go back to 15 with the knowledge I have now........................
  13. Boy did you open up a can of worms here. lol I dont think you can say that men or women are more or less likely to cheat. It is really a decision that each person has to make whether they cheat or not. As to the whole thing about having as many partners as possible, as a guy I do feel that pressure from other guys to sleep with as many girls as I can especially after getting out of a long term relationship. Of course I don't do that but if I did I would be viewed as "the man or a pimp" or whatever its called these days. Crazy and stupid??? A woman on the other hand is often seen in a negative light if she does the same exact thing. I think it is a bunch of BS, but the double standard is unfortunately still there today. I don't really care what a girl does before me, I wouldn't judge her on how many partners she had or didn't have.
  14. Yeah 2 seconds is a little quick to have it totally disappear. I think 10 seconds would be a really impressive time to get rid of one of those things
  15. We have all done it before, dont beat yourself up over it. Just remember how you feel right now the next time you want to contact him. You'll be OK
  16. Yeah being alone you do miss the things that come with a relationship, but it is important for you to now learn to be happy with just yourself. It will be tough but then when the right person comes along you will be ready for a healthy and successful relationship. Just hang in there and do not contact him!!!!!!!!!
  17. Lots of girls think that is hot, just like all guys think its hot when two girls kiss. I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill here. Just let it go. I am sure you have some fantasies that she wouldn't exactly get all excited about also.
  18. You got it right there!! It just takes time for that hope to totally fade away. Soon you'll reach the point where if he wanted to come back, you will say no way.
  19. Sorry to hear about your situation. It sucks, I know that all too well. It sounds like she is very passive aggressive which is tough to deal with. My ex was the same way, letting things go so long until it became a huge deal. My advice to you is to just give her her space and in addition to that don't contact her at all. Adopt the attitude that if she doesn't want to be with you then that is her problem and she will regret it. Whatever you do don't beg and cry for her to come back ( the worst thing you could ever do). Maybe she will want you back and maybe she wont, but now you move on as if she will never come back. Doing that is the best thing for you because you will be moving on and many of us have had the unfortunate experience of the good old ex come sniffing around once they see or hear that we have moved on. As for thinking there is no one else, don't be so sure. People are masterful at hiding affairs sometimes. If things don't exactly add up with her reasoning for wanting a break up then don't discount the fact that there may very well be someone else. A lot of times people are afraid to find out their s/o is cheating or ignore the signs. Don't be afraid!! Best of luck to you
  20. Get a dog if you dont already have one. Seriously!!! They love you unconditionally and they are so damn funny.
  21. She seems like she is very confused and probably hung up on her ex. Put some distance between her and yourself and look for another girl for now. Maybe in a few months she would be ready to date you, but for now you are in the land of friends with benefits, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think you are looking for more than that.
  22. For me what I did to deal with it was to stay as busy as I possibly could for the first few months. The less time I had to think and dwell on the break up the faster I seemed to heal. Really time is what heals you the most though and you just have to be patient.
  23. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence. Thats all you need. Whatever you do be confident about it and it will drive him wild. Tie him up and blind fold him then...................
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