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Me and ex split up over 2 years ago about 6 months ago we started talking through text just catching up but that kind of stopped soon after it started. 2 days ago he readded me to his msn list and we have been chatting non stop just feels like old times and it brought up alot of old feelings I have for him I still like him. We were teasing each other and I got out of him that he still likes me which I was like wow yes lol. But the problem is he has had a girlfriend for over a year and he was telling me things are not to good between them and he needs to do some thinking as she is going through a hard time with uni and everything. We never talked about getting back together or anything even though I would love to. Should I just give him his space and let him sort things out with his girlfriend I would never do anything with him whilst he was still attached anyway just kind of confusing.

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give him space, I'd suggest to not get involved with his current GF's affairs. If you do, it will become a problem in the relationship you two reform.


tbh, I'd jsut stay away from it... you know he is going to talk about his ex a lot... when will he have time to think about you and him?

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Well, while its good that after all this time you both are able to communicate and get along as friends.


At the same time, you shouldn't initiate contact w/him anymore b/c he has a girlfriend. For one, the more you 2 communicate the stronger those "old" feelings will start to become, and if he doesn't leave her you'll be left hurt and disappointed. Also, put yourself in her shoes, how would you feel if you were her? Regardless of what "problems" they may be having, that's for them to work out or not work out.


I'd steer clear of him. If he really wants to get back with you or if its meant to be, he'll break it off with his girlfriend and come looking for you.

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The good news is you guys gave eachother years to breathe and after all is said and done you like one another.

However, he does have a girlfriend and you trying to get into that tangled web is disrespectful.


My best friend dated a guy 5 years ago, he cheated on her and they broke up. After a year he came back and she wouldnt give him her forgiveness.


Another two years passed and she decided she would let him in as a friend and they kept contact every couple months or so.


Finally this year she realized she still had strong feelings for him, but he had a girl at the time. She told him flat out that she still had feelings for him and he confessed he'd thought of her all these years as the one who got away. She didnt interfere with his relationship though, kept her distance and within a few months he came after her.


Theyre now engaged.


So just keep your distance right now, this has to be his decision as he is the one with a girlfriend.

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I drunkenly told him I still had feelings for him last night and he didn't respond the way I wanted to so I asked him to delete me off his msn list and block me and I would do the same. Deleted his number and everything will be interesting if I see him around now hehe. At least that chapters closed lol. Thanks for your advice guys.

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