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Interracial flirting


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More specifically.... asian male, white female. In my experience as an asian male, I have found that it's much easier to get a response out of an asian female, compared to a white female. The problem is, I only find caucasian women attractive.



So... to all the caucasian ladies out there, would you respond differently to an asian male flirting with you, as opposed to a white guy?

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I'm sorry but let's say I heard a black guy saying he wasn't attracted to black girls, for instance... I would probably think he had some self-hatred issues or some issues with his mother. It doesn't seem right to me, regardless of your ethnicity.


It's not racism nor discrimination, we are attracted to people on appearance quite often and until such time that becomes 'shallow/racist' I see absolutely no problem with it.


Discrimination is basing the merits of one's character on appearance/skin colour, while attraction has everything to do with physical appearance or even skin colour. There are no 'issues'.

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people have preferences dude. It's just the way it is. I'm not attracted to females. I don't need therapy, I just prefer men AND I've been pretty exclusive to that category too....


I guess I even have a TYPE of guy I find more attractive. I could settle for something else I suppose...but I prefer to get what I like....

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I agree with dil. There are no issues here. I have dated white, black, and asian girls.


Some people like only thier own race, some people like everything but their own race, some people like a specific race, some people like everything except one race, some people don't care about race. It is just another preference, just like someone who likes blondes, brunettes, etc.

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