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Psychosis... dealing with a loved one

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Hi there,

I usually post under a different username, and quite often. But for obvious reasons I am using this one for advice on this issue. My sister in law used to be addicted to meth. She has been clean for about 2 years now, but has gone through some problems with other drugs. During her meth times, she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I didn't know her then, but apparently she had alot of conspiracy theories and stuff like that.


Right now she is in the middle of a break up with her bf. Its good, he was getting her into drugs anyways. But she is really falling back into her psychosis now. She wouldn't talk to anyone for days. This morning I went over there (she finally asked me for help). I didn't really believe anyone that she was falling back into her old conspiracy thoughts until now. She "doesn't want to get into it" but she told me a few things that she is upset about.


Something to do with her bf making sexual videos of her while she is sleeping. Stuff about organized crime within her family. Something about her mother and father being in on the torture videos, whether they are for monetary or personal benifits. Also about her brother (my husband) not really being her brother. She takes things that people say or have said in the past very seriously. She is afraid to sleep. She says she has woken up with marks on her body before.


Right now she won't talk to anyone. I want to be there for her but dont know how. I can't really do anything too drastic like take her in to the psych ward because she will just think that I am "in on it" like everyone else. She has no one. Her parents are sooooo worried. I feel like I have to talk to them in secrecy so that she doesn't lose that trust with me.


She has become very suicidal. How do you stop someone from killing themselves if they believe that their entire network of relationships is conspiring against them? She feels there is no way out...

What can I do?

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Oh sweetie, I'm sorry, this is so hard to deal with. I've been addicted to meth & I've seen this happen to friends. It wonderful you're there to help.


Only thing is, you can't change her thoughts. Nothing you say is going to open her eyes make her see that it's all in her head. This is a side effect of meth...leaves you with paranoia/psychosis. is she taking any pills? are they helping? Keep being there for her, be honest with her & love her, no matter what, even if she pushes you away. Stay by her side.


If she is seriously suicidal..you can't stop her unless you stay with her night & day. Honestly I wouldn't be one to do anything drastic either,psych ward, but if her life is in your hands...you have to.

Who cares if she believes your in on it...you know you aren't.

Plus it's the only thing that may help it's worth it...and when she's out of there, she'll understand why you did it.

I'll pray for you both, I wish you luck & love. I really hope you can find a way to help

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I called her and told her that her mom asked me for a key. Well, actually she called me to thank me for my support and said she was feeling a little better now.


I suggested that she call her parents and tell them she is a little calmer, and that she promises not to hurt herself today, but she needs space for the night. She is calling them now.


I sent her get well soon flowers too. Her (ex) bf is supposed to come over after work. She said earlier that if he doesnt, its all over for her. I really hope things don't blow up tonight... I really just wish she could find herself...


Has anyone gone through a similar experience? Personally or periphally?

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Give it a try, but if you do....be sure to hide your disappointment, don't act shocked, act calm, like it's not a big deal, but be honest & encourage.

When people asked me about the drugs I pushed away and was never honest.

Except one friend, because of her reaction. And I knew she loved me & was by my side in a none judging way...no matter what. She told me the damages, side effects & told me she was worried. But after saying it all treated me normal like I wasn't a F*&% druggie. Sometimes I dismissed what she said while she said it, but I always thought about it later & took it to heart...her concern & loyality stood out to me & helped. most others ignored it or judged & labled me.


She does seem a lot further down the hole than I was, but she confides in you....I think she'll talk to you.

If you want to know....just ask her. Ask if she minds if you ask her some questions. She needs to address the issue, I'm sure she doesn't like to think about it..but she needs to. If she doesn't want to talk about it, drop it, but be honest first than change topic. But she needs to talk & here it from someone who she trusts & respects & knows that will see her as herself no matter what & be by her side.... you seem to be that person in her life. Try

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well its pretty obvious now that this is my regular username haha. woops!


Its ok now her conspiracy theories have subsided. My father inlaw is making both her and her bf go to rehab. Its a good thing because they both want to quit and if they can do it together with some amount of reinforcement from dad, they have some hope.


I was just really floored that day when she was talking about all that conspiracy stuff. I have always treated her as normal without judging her as some sort of psychosis patient. And I have always been the type to empathize and understand the most abstract problems. Conspiracies are difficult though. I'm sure health professionals have the same problems I do when trying to help someone like that.

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I have always treated her as normal without judging her as some sort of psychosis patient. And I have always been the type to empathize and understand the most abstract problems. Conspiracies are difficult though. I'm sure health professionals have the same problems I do when trying to help someone like that.

I'm sure you have treated her well without judgments, that's why she trusts you & confides in you...yeah it's hard listening to the consipiricy thearies, but I'm sure you handled it well

That's awesome the father in law is getting them into rehab.

Wish you all the best.

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She may still be useing meth...


Write a poem to her...


My mom uses and she has found writing very comforting...How old is she?


Not sure if this will help, but try...My mom is high a lot, so I know what you mean with her being awake for days at a time worrieing...


This is what meth does, it makes you change, not in a good way at all...


I think she needs some hard love!! Let her know how much you care, it goes in one ear and out the other, ecspecially when she is high...I KNOW it HURTS!!


Gosh, I dont where Im going with this...

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