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Hate my GF's sister's friend!

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I just can't help it! (*Note* This is not a relationship issue, everything is fine between my girl and I) This "friend" has given me the "honorable" title of... well, can't really put it... but uh... MonkeyF***er. Wonderful, huh?

Tonight, as I'm talking to my girlfriend on the phone, I hear this girl screaming, "Thomas! She's cheating on you! She's looking at other men!" and said one of my friend's names (Who I know wouldn't do that, and is currently dating one of another friend, so...)

Naturally I'm angry about it... and I joke about my girlfriend looking at my friend's picture and adding him on Myspace and she completely flips out and says, "You're being rude, and mean, and why do you always think I'm cheating on you?!"

1. I don't. I know she isn't (At least that's what my heart is tellin' me)...

2. I asked her why this person was trying to start crap so I would break up with my girl...

Apparently this "friend" doesn't like me. But last time I broke up with my girlfriend, she went into a slight depression, and they found a note with the mention of suicide. So why would she want me to break up with her?

I understand I made some mistakes in the past, and I've hurt my girlfriend a few times... but I don't want someone thinking I'm a terrible person because I'm trying to repent for that and because I want to be with my girlfriend for a long time (The thought of marriage has come up before, though we are 16).

It just makes me mad that someone doesn't realize how much I truly care for my girlfriend, and is trying to screw us up even though it would end the both of us...

Why can't people just mind their own business?!


Okay, I'm done ranting about that "friend"... Thanks for reading.

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Get used to it hun is all I can tell you.. and just don't let it get to you. My bf's friends are the same way and they're all 25 and older and they still try to start trouble between us. I've just learned over the 3 years we've been together I cant let them get to me otherwise i'm ending something good with someone I love over some idiots who can't be happy with themselves thereforeeee they want to make everyone else miserable.

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