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Final Exams, Need help on studying

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Do you have a friend/classmate who you can review the material with? Sometimes people work best when they have someone to compare ideas and notes with.


I would certainly look over your notes, organize them in a cohesive manner, and focus on the key concepts of whatever it is you are studying so you can streamline the information or concepts that are not going to be major. Develop a timeline of sorts so you do not have to cram everything in on the last night. Divide your time up so you can spend a fair amount of time reviewing what you have written down and/or read, and give your self some break time to breath and relax; take your mind off of it for a while.


The key to studying for any kind of exam is to not take everything in all at once. Finals are as difficult as you make them. Take it in pieces. Study in fragments so you can give yourself time to study it. If some things involve memorization for dates and such, create little flash cards and quiz yourself. Be creative. You have to budget your time wisely if you expect to digest the concepts that need reviewing.


Hope that helps. I have finals the week after this week. I'm already starting to review the material for a couple classes.

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Get off the computer-


That is what sucks up my time more than anything!


Go over your notes, make flashcards, talk about the material with a friend from class, review study guides for your material...


The most important thing is that you understand it- memorizing only gets you so far.


Good luck!

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I am 18 and a senior in undergrad studying Marine Biology. I have a 3.99 GPA. So, listen to me when I say this: When you say, I really need to focus on this crap- The only thing you want to do is watch TV. Take a 15 minute break after every 2 hrs of studying, and on those 15 minutes, visualize yourself getting hundreds on your exams. While you're studying, break up the material into chunks- and repetition repetition repetition is the key. Find little memnonics and 'tricks' for remembering something. Also, stay as relaxed as possible, and don't pull all-nighters. Good Luck! I'm sure you'll do great!

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My final exams are coming up in a week or so and I really need to spend every minute possible studying. So far I can't stay focused and have been getting stressed out. Does anyone have any advice for me on how you prepared for finals and how to stay on task?


I was a very successful college and grad student. At that time there was no internet really to distract me. I made sure I had a quiet, comfortable environment to study in and I disciplined myself to stay on task for a certain amount of time - sometimes an hour, sometimes a few hours. I would then take a 5 minute break. If I got too anxious about the exam, I popped in a dance tape I had made (yes, a tape, back then) and danced to it in my room (where I studied).

I wrote and re-wrote my notes in more and more of a concise form (wrote, not typed but I guess you can type if you like) - the act of writing helped me commit it to memory. Sometimes I chose one intelligent, disciplined friend to "teach" the material to, and for her to teach to me, which helped both of us but usually I studied on my own.


Also I had a dream and a very strong goal of getting the grad degree I did with top grades. It was extremely hard for much of the grad program so I had the "fear of god" in me. That helped motivate me too.


I am constantly thankful that I did as well as I did because I would not be where I am today as far as my career or financially. Maybe that will motivate you too. Good luck!

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Lots of great study types! But I'd like to stress exercise. A great outlet for stress is exercise. Even though you feel like you don't have time, you do. During your 10-15 minute study breaks don't plop in front the computer/TV (this only extends your break time) take a quick walk. You can remain in the same room (although I would argue that a change in environment with a walk around the block is helpful), just give your body the opportunity to get the blood flowing and the oxygen moving.


I also think that the eat right and get rest are things to keep in mind. Take the time now (before finals) to prep some healthy meals/snacks. Then you can grab and keep studying. And of course, get your sleep!

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Call your internet/cable company and cut off your recourses if you have to. TV and internet are the DEVIL when it comes to studying. Dadance is right, excersise is important too. I time myself when I study. I try to study for only 20-30 minutes at a time then get up for 5-10 and do something physical. It might sound distracting, but its a method that has been proven. You don't absorb your information if you sit and stare at a book for four hours.


Another thing I like to do is to actually go to my school to study. There you don't have anything else to do but study. I go to the library at school and find a quiet corner and study away. It helps separate my school life from home life that way too. You study at school, but only at school. Give it a try.

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Reading notes just before bed is something that has helped me alot.


I'll read a bunch of notes and then sleep on it. In the morning, I find I remember quite alot that way.


Scarew's idea of going to school or the library, away from distractors, is a great idea too- as well as other's suggestions of doing something physical when you get a bit squirrely from too much sitting/reading.


I just had my last final today (98!!) and when I was get a little nutty and antsy, I'd walk my dog around the block. It would take all of 10 minutes, but the fresh air, moving, and change of scenery was helpful.

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