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I really doubt that I will do the interview. For one, that is a sensitive subject and I would be concerned having it broadcast in my home state. Two, I do not want to associate myself with this story when the truth is I have no idea what its tone will be. Three, diving deep into all this with an ex girlfriend is tough to begin with, not to mention I never felt like she understood where I came from.


I still dont understand her motives, because I do not believe she is looking for reconciliation. The fact that she brings this up right before her birthday seems odd to me. I feel forced now to acknowledge her birthday, otherwise I will look like a jerk. I feel I've been very kind to her for so long without reciprocation on her part. If she came to me and spoke about things between us directly, and seemed genuine, than that is one thing. But I take this as her own means to an end, which I dont understand.


I am not bitter and I dont want to act that way. It is her birthday, I know it, and I am struggling to grasp what is right here.


I believe I will pass on the interview and respond with a brief email, not responding to her suggestion to meet up. I just dont know if I should acknowledge her birthday.

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My response:




I thought about your offer for an interview, but I'm going to pass. Good luck with the story, and happy 22.


(then the signature used for my work emails)"


That was it. Her birthday was yesterday, but I responded today. The more time goes on, the less I care about my responses and how they may be interpreted.

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