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does masturbation make getting erections harder over time?

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there you have it, that is my question. if you masturbate often (3-4 times a day) over a period of time, will it make getting an erection when you actually go to have sex more difficult. When i broke up with my last x 3 years ago, the sex life was great, and i had lots of sexual energy. but i am not into sex with random girls, i am a fall in love first and then have sex later type of guy, meaning having sex with just any random girl is just a turn off to me, so the entire time i was single i just masturbated. but now, the problem is that i have a girlfriend whom i love dearly, and our relationship has moved to the next step, and we have tried twice to have sex and both times i failed to achieve an erection, and i am thinking this may have something to do with it. if this is the case, how can i remedy this? i know this has something to do with strengthening some muscles down there, can anyone give me some advice?

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When you self-stimulate, over time you classically condition your body to expect the level of pressure you receive from your hand.


A female vagina is not likely to give that much pressure during intercourse.


So you become desensitized to sexual intercourse.


You might want to self-stimulate more softly and less frequently to absolve this problem.


Hugs, Rose

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If you think rubbing it makes it malfunction, then quit rubbing it. Besides a placebo effect, it'll save your mental focus for the Big Show. There are no muscles down there, your tool is a sponge, not a muscle, and blood flow gives you a woody.


It's mostly mental.

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It's *temporary*. If you abstain from masturbation for a few days, then getting an erection during sex will be the least of your problems. You might have a hard time keeping it in Just like your arms feel sore after a workout, your penis may take a few days to regain total vigor. Nothing permanent about it.

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