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i know this must be my fourth topic about trying to figure this out but nothing is helping and stuff is just getting worse and i am alittle scared i will o something stupid.



i feel kind of aolne. like i can't talk to anyone. my family and me don't get along. i can't talk to any of my friends. my best online friends won't talk to me and i think my cyber sis who helped me the most might be distancing herself from me because i am to reliant on her. i can't talk to anyone about any of my problems which sucks because the whole way i got out of my problems was by talking to my sis.


but i am kind of in that phase where i wake up and i don't care what happens. i know i will go to school. i'll get labelled names. i'll feel alone. i'll try not to cry. i'll come home. listen to music for 4 hours, go to bed. and it sucks the most that back months ago i had something to look forward to, i could come home and talk to my sis or my online friends. but now i can't do any of that and i am kind of distanced from everyone and every thing.


in fact i was kind of thinking suicide would be the only way i would get anyones attention. i am sick of only getting negative attentions like labels i was thinking you know if i died, i might be able to mean something to someone finally. cos i am just kind of sick of feeling unloved. and unwanted


it hurts thinking i have a go no where life. i have no one to talk to, nothing to do. i am failing my classes, i am getting labelled nicknames, im getting bullied and i am gettnig no where in life.


what can i do? i feel kind of sick in the bottom of my stomach like i got no where to go and no one to talk to and every single day i start to have even worse thoughts in my head. and they wont get out.


its not doing me any good whining like this. just for months i haveh ad no one to talk to so its hard. im isolating myself, but then again people are isolating me and i dont want to end up in a big mess


thank you if you have any help and sorry for my spelling mistakes. =\

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I don't know if I am able to help you. I do know that I have myself considered suicide, and that Australia has one of the highest rates of male youth suicide in the world. Just don't ever think that you are completely and utterly alone, though I understand that it is human to feel hopelessness.


There are alot of things to like about the self-deprecation that Australians like to consider themselves as possessing, your comment that "its not doing me any good whining like this" is not one of them. You should be allowed to express your despair if that is what you're feeling, you should not feel as though it is important to maintain a stiff upper lip when you really are feeling down. Anyone with an easy conscience would not disagree.


Don't you know deep down that you do matter, that you do mean something, that people do love you? You're considering suicide because you think it's the only way to get everyone's attention and because then you would finally mean something to someone. Don't you see that the reason your death would mean something to someone and get everyone's attention is that it would distress them? That people in your life would care if you died because they care right now!?


Everyone wants to be loved and wanted and to have a sense of purpose in life. You're feeling alone, just as many other people feel, and you should know that there are always people there for you if you reach out for them. I know its phenomenally hard but please do try to reach out.

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When was the last time you've said "I love you" to some one?

Maybe you need to heal your relationship with your parents.

As for labels and bullies,screw em.You are worth something especially in God's eyes(sorry for bringing religon in)Try lifting your problems to God he may help you.God never gives you anything you can't handle.remember that.

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hey there, i am sorry to hear that you are facing so much on you're own, it may seem so easy for me to try & give out advice but i will try my best..

Please stop thinking so negatively, i have met you who needs to hear that someone is hear to listen to anything you wanna say.. i will do my best, but i will listen & i try & understand where you are coming from.

Firstly you are not on you're own, you are in the right place. You say you are being bullied.. people only push their own fears on to you because they are affraid to face up to their own fears, & you are taking on their baggage. & you are playing into their hands..They see they are making you unhappy so they continue to make u feel worse..

Yes the things they say will hurt your feelings but you have to try & ignore their comments.. No matter how bad it gets..

''Sticks & stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me''

I dont know if you have ever heard that old saying??

I think you have so much potential that you have so much to show others..

By trying to overcome your fear of these people i think you could be an inspiration to others who could be in the same situation as you but are actually affraid to ask for help..

At least you have the guts to ask for help.

I think you need to smile, look in the mirror & smile.

And take that smile with you where ever you go, even when you feel the lowest of the low please just try, i know its a hard thing to do when you feel the way you do.

You are concentrating on these people who are making you so unhappy so you're whole focus is on them. When you should be focusing on you're real talents that you have.

You can do it because i believe in you.. I believe you have the power to be stronger than you think.Remember how you used to be, well that is you ,

& you can be you again & again.

Walk & Hold you're head up high, Stay silent, thats the best weapon you can use.. it actually hurts them the most.. SILENCE.. then walk with the pride God gave you..

These bullies will keep trying to dampen you're spirit but you still walk proud..

Even when you feel as if you are gonna breakdown, & when you walk past them & you are alone again you will actually have won that battle...not just against them, but also with yourself..

You can do it.. i have faith in you..

Please give it a go & let me know how you get on..

By the way i didnt see any spelling mistakes, & if there were any.. who cares..

Stop blaming yourself for immperfections... Believe me, nobody & i said nobody is perfect.. I'm sure as you walk down the street & as you look at the people who pass by you, you can see people dont look perfect.. This is not a perfect world..


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