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Turning someone on...


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Well, I know how to turn someone on but what I need is maybe more tips about it?


What other things I can do to my girlfriend... etc. Lately it's just been getting old and doing the same things over. It feels good and all but something new would be nice.


Maybe tell me what you others do that might be helpful?


-- Though I do know that it all depends on what her turn on spots are but it's a little hard to find them if she won't tell me or anything... either I already know or they are just being over used or something along that line.


So if anyone could help me out that would be great thanks.

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Have you tried talking about it?


Might be good to have an easy, relaxed moment together and just talk about what you like very much, what you'd like to try (light bondage, syrup, new positions, fantasies, games?), what you don't like, etc. It gets a bit steamy after awhile thinking/talking about this stuff!


If you're stuck for ideas, check out the sex-books section of a large bookstore (like Chapters) and pick out something to look at together. Not sure if there are ones specifically for same-sex couples though....

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Slow down or stop sexual activity for a while, tease, talk, laugh together.


The idea is to relax and bring out your own, and her, natural curiosities and flow from there. Let yourself run wild, and allow yourself to receive too. She'll give cues to what turns her on all the time; if you're listening.


I'd add appreciate her and let her know about it: be very open about how you feel.


Build up the tension through the day by being affectionate and throwing little teases that don't lead to sex. Let your sensuality and sexuality seep into your entire life: don't portion it off to the bedroom or when it may lead to an orgasm.


It starts in the brain and heart. A woman's entire body is an erogenous zone - so make sure to touch the places that are often overlooked.


Have fun!

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