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Please tell me this isn't weird of me .....

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Its about 80 days since I was broken up with, by my wife....She moved out about a month ago and strict NC is on for almost about 60 days now.

I do not have her face or image in my mind anymore cause I haven't looked up at pictures or anything that would remind me of her.I've practiced this after the pains of thinking about her or picturising her were just too painful.Now-a-days each time I think about a particular situation with her I just cut that feeling thus eliminating anything thats about her or about our relationship.I try this by snapping a rubber band aroud my wrist.It feels much better not thinking about her or situations of our past relationship.

I still feel depressed and lonely and pain everyday but I can also see that it isn't as bad as it was soon after the break up.

I wonder if I really miss my ex. or just miss the comfort of the relationship that has been taken away from me.

Now I don't even know if I we will reconcile or not because I've taken the route of healing myself for myself and have given up on the hope of ever getting back.The occasional thought of good times and waking up alone are still there but Its getting lesses as each day goes by.

My question is by doing all of this am I escaping the grief mode ? (I did all the crying,sobbing,begging,bargaining,gifts,everthing for about a month before getting into the NC mode) or am I healing or will those images come at a later stage and then haunt me over again ?

I have reached a stage where I just don't want to think about her and now its a habit of not thinking about her.

Please tell me that i'am doing the right thing.....


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Some people wouldn't agree it's right but I certainly would.


Stop using the lacky band though if you can because you can turn it off in your mind.


What you're doing is something I refer to as 'blocking'. Some people believe it will come back to haunt us but believe me when you've been doing it long enough or found a new partner everything will just gush out of your mind and you'll be left thinking 'what the f was that all about'.


Keep going!

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If that part of your life is over and you have nothing left to learn from it, then yes, closing the door so the speak, is your best option. If you have unresolved issues, you might want to revisit them-- preferably in the company of a professional [therapist], thereforeeee not allowing the memories to affect you emotionally.

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