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I want to make him PAY AND SUFFER

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waiting for what? nothing. just forget it and move on.


it is his class and his problem. he shouldn't have left the country if he had that class.


see... he is playing you again!!!


how much advance notice did he have for this flight overseas? probably plenty! and why didn't he find someone to replace his class earlier, or simply cancel it for that day?


why has he put everything on you, a person, as you say, has never even assisted the class, much less taught it!!!!


it is another game of his, I hope you see it.....

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Ipso Fracto Man said there may be something inside me that makes me keep going back. I am feeling afraid now. Is there something wrong with me? Like what? Because my head sends me the phrase 'Go take a hike, Loser' but what comes out of my mouth is 'OK, I'll help you with your class'. only know you through your posts so I can't say for sure, but my thought wasn't that anything was really wrong with you, just that you--like many women in abusive relationships--simply didn't realize that you deserve a happier life.


I agree with annie24 that it was outrageous of the guy to ask such a favor of you as minding his work while he's away. He seems to think that he has your number and can manipulate you at will. Prove him wrong!

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I am no longer doing the class. I do feel quite awful and almost panicky...


Strange how some people can take control you in this way.


I can't believe I am feeling this way. As if I have displeased someone REALLY important like the Dalai Lama or the Pope or some really respectable deity. While in reality I have just told this horrible creep that I can no longer do him favours since we're no longer involved. Why do I treat him like a God?


Well, at least it's a first step. I feel like crap and scared and panicked and feel like running to him and apologising. But at least I have gone through the motions of refusing him, even though mentally I still feel I owe him something...

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