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The bandit that made off with my Anatomy.


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Why does it matter and do I truly care at all

What will she say or do will she even call?

I’m putting my heart on the line again putting my core at risk

But I can’t seem help myself it’s as if I’m bound by her kiss


Cant ever forget her God knows how hard I’ve tried

Even put space between me and her continents and oceans wide

I know it’s not love I feel because I wish it would leave

No, Voodoo or witchcraft, some kind of evil magic I believe


Those full, dark eyes, that haunting laugh

Her voice beacons me “come, find the path”

My body is hers now for she has taken over

At least I still have my mind I wont let her enter


“Take body your back!” my conscience raves in fury

“Easier said than done.” I reply, yeah I’m going crazy

The mind cant live without the body I know death is inevitable

Should have died long ago, she slowed it down? Is that possible?


Master of my body but not my mind or my soul

Its time to finish this mark this tale, told

Now I leap to my death, lets see her catch with the wind

It’s my only escape, Lord forgive me my sin.

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