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how can i get birth control?

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yes, i feel somewhat stupid asking this at my age, (18 1/2) but my boyfriend and i have been having sex for a year now, and we've been using condoms and spermicide. However i want more protection for obvious reasons, and i'm really thinking about getting on the pill, patch, or ring. The thing is i dont really know how to get it... i have no insurance as of now (i'm just a student without a job) my boyfriend has a job that gives him insurance but i can't use it, since we're not married.


so i'm wondering, where can i go to get birth control without insurance? is it even possible? we're willing to pay out of pocket for the exam(s) and the bc. can i see a family doctor? I'm not aware of any planned parent hood's in my area. thanks for helping

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Also, if you are in the usa, your local health department would be a good place to go. They wouldnt charge much for it and you can get your birth control from them rather than filling a prescription at a pharmacy.


Yes, to answer your question, a family doctor could help but you are better going to an OB/GYN which is a doctor for woman's stuff like that. Although, a private doctor can get kind of pricey if you have no insurance.

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The one place I went to get BC was Planned Parenthood and it worked out well. Go to their website (just google Planned Parenthood) and you can find their closest location. There are some forms to fill out and you might have to call ahead of time to make an appointment.


If your parents are okay with it, their health insurance might cover it. If they don't know, then you'll either have to pay for it yourself (although you will probably not be charged much since you have no real income) or, depending on what state you live in, you might be covered under some kind of state program. I know in California there's the Family PACT program that will pay for exams and BC if you have no income or insurance.

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