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When does cuddling go away?


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I realize that there are no set "rules," but I'm just wondering at what age it's no longer "appropriate" to do little cute "immature" stuff in a relationship. I'm talking about having tickle wars, snowball fights, cuddling while watching a movie, going stargazing, etc. It seems to me like those are things that you can only do in your late teens/early 20s, like once you get past a certain age, you can't really do that anymore, and instead you just go out to dinner and then come home and make love... I just can't imagine two 30 year olds cuddling. I feel like after a certain age, love is no longer "fun" (although still romantic, passionate, caring, etc.)


Anybody else feel the same way? This sounds so immature, but I'm terrified of having a relationship that doesn't involve cuddling or other silly things -- I would much rather have that then sex. I'm afraid that once I start dating again (will take a while...) I'll be too old for that, and the only physical intimacy that will be appropriate will be strictly sexual (ranging from making out to sex).


Then again, maybe I'm just an idiot and it's okay to act like a kid with your significant other at any age (of course, that's assuming that all the mature elements of a healthy relationship are still there).

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LOL! no, there is no cut off to stop those cute things. In fact, if you're in a relationship without that "immature stuff", the relationship is probably going downhill.


so, I disagree with your notion that after your 20s, love becomes boring. My aunt and uncle have been married for nearly 50 years and they still act like teenagers.

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I will tell you this, I married at age 18 and until my husband died when he was 48 and I was 46,we still did all those fun silly things. There is no age limit where such things are or are not acceptable. Life and romance doesn't have to be boring just because you pass the age of 30 . It is all in what you make it.

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My current LD boyfriend and I both like to cuddle a lot (we can actually spend hours in each other's arms while watching movies or reading)...he is very affectionate, even in public and I love that.

I don't think this has anything to do with age but much more with personality and how comfortable you are with showing your feelings to your partner.

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My dad and stepmom did the tickle fights and wrestling and stuff. (I say "did," because they're in the process of a divorce.) If you're with someone with a playful spirit, there's a very good chance that that spirit won't go away. I'd be seriously bummed if all of a sudden my husband and I stopped having tickle wars and playing pranks on each other after we get to be in our 30's - it's a part of what makes us the fun, happy couple that we are!

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I agree with everybody else. There is no age limit and it's the silly little things that make a relationship closer. My bf and I are 10 yrs apart, been together 4 years and he is as silly and affectionate as when we first got together. He's a big cuddler, too, more so than I am really.

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