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Well, I just finished my first day at school. Only had one class which wasn't too bad, "classroom management". I have a math class on Mondays where I learn how to teach math to grade schoolers. Ugh. I hate math.


I am not sure if I am cut out for school again. It was weird to wake up early and go to campus around 8 AM for a 9 AM class. USD is a really nice campus, situated on a hill. The class has about 23 people in it, most of them a bit younger than me. If I had taken night class, I think I would find people more in my age group. Not sure though.


Talked to a few people, but people didnt seem that friendly. Maybe I am not putting out friendly vibes. I dont know. The professor is nice. Lots to do for the class and will have to do some clinical hours at a school (I get to choose from a list) and will have to arrange that on my own. Ugh!


I dont know what's wrong with me, but being around people freaks me out. I didnt hang around long after class. Didnt really talk to anybody after class either. Left campus, went and picked up some groceries, called my mom, and came back home and now am online again, along with chomping down a nice big burger .


I feel more comfortable with you guys, than going to class and talking to people there.


I'm weird.

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Hey, Ren, you did the first day, but that always feels weird in a job, class, or any structured pursuit. Maybe in time the structure will feel homey to you, just like this place does. Some of those weird people may become buddies over time, just like the weird folks here.

One day at a time, Ren.

I'm proud of you.


Getting up at 8 must be tough.

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Hey RW,


Congrats on completing your first day of class!


Hang in there girl, before you know it, you will be Ms. Social Butterfly,


I loved college because I met so many people,


I think it's such a great experience,


Teaching math can be fun,


I am so proud of you!


You are getting out there and really making the most of things,


That's the way to go.


USD is a beautiful campus, I agree,


Can you maybe talk to some people in your class and ask if they want to make a study group,


That's a great way to meet some people there.





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I am not going to stop. I have class again on Monday and next week I have to start arranging what elementary school I do my clinicals at. I just hope I can make some friends. People dont seem that approachable out here. Not sure.


I am just extremely nervous today and didnt want to be around people, so after class was done, I quickly went home and online here. I feel more comfortable around you guys.


I'll get into the swing of things. It'll take a bit of time. I was just nervous today.


And, I got up at 6 this morning and was on the campus around 8 AM. I had class at 9.


Besides being nervous, it does feel good to have some structure in my life again. I realized how much I missed that, esp since I am not working right now.

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Don't feel too weird, I type things I could never say all the time... =P


Allow me to add my congratulations, not just on completing day one, but on making the commitment to go back and to school and make a positive change in your life. I hope it all turns out well! =)

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Yeah, this place is addicting. Took a small break from it last week so as to get ready for school and realized that I missed this place a lot. So, I am back somewhat. I am happy to have the school structure again and will get used to being around people. For the last 8-9 months, I have spent most of my time doing things by myself, staying home and online here, or else hanging with my parents or T and his bf. Now I have to get used to being around people again and that can be hard. But, I want to make friends too.

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I am hoping to get involved in some group work because that is the best way to make friends. When I was living in Milwaukee and going to grad school part time at night, doing group work was how I ended up making friends. We worked on projects in groups and had study sessions.


I may also get involved in some activities on campus, although most of the clubs and activities are geared towards undergrads. We'll see. The library over there is really nice and they have an excellent student union, where I can study and do homework, if I want to get out of the house.

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I think it takes several weeks if not longer to adjust to a new schedule and new environment, much less make friends or decide if people are "approachable." Getting through the first day of classes is an accomplishment in itself. One of my two majors in college was in education and I found it useless with respect to teaching elementary school because we did not learn effective methods and approaches to discipline and without proper classroom control even the best laid lesson plans would go nowhere. Most of what I learned back then was on the job.

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It's great that you went and better that you are going to continue. Be open to making friends and not desparate for it, and you will make some.


When I was in grad school, I found that doing a fair portion of my work on campus (I was in a library) resulted in my being incorporated into the rest fo the people that studied in the area. It, along with any number of things, may help.


Hang in there.

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