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I meet someone really nice in a club while on holiday last week. Had a great time, and I'm sure she did too. The case is I didn't get her number (Because I'm Stupid) but she did get mine and my email address. So will she get in touch or is that a big no no for girls. Also if they do, how long after. Just need to know when to move on. Please let me know what you think.

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agreed with above post, it IS a bad idea to give your number and email address, and not get theirs, but at least the good thing about not getting their email and phone number is if they do contact you, at least you know they're interested, true?


Give it a few nights...you know...many women look on the internet for advice aswell...it's not just us guys that look at how to be players and how to be attractive and what the right things to do are to attract a woman...women do the same things to attract men aswell...so she may just call back...if she doesnt...move on, no point in waiting for nothing...it's better when it's a surprise anyway

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If she took your number and e-mail, she will definitely call/e-mail if interested. If she doesn't, then assume she was just not that interested and the relationship (or whatever came of it) wouldn't have been productive anyway.


As a general rule I don't call guys EVER (I do return calls, however) thereforeeee I don't take a guy's number... I will give him mine if I want to hear from him. So asking if "girls call guys" is really a broad question and best answered like this: There are some that do and some that don't. And in either case, their behaviour leading up to the exchange of contact information will reflect their preference.


The only thing I'd be concerned about and keep the ears perked for is if she has a boyfriend. Sometimes girls will TAKE a number but not GIVE their number in this case. On the other hand, she may just be playing it safe and not wanting to give her number to any guy she happens to meet. So just be aware and tread carefully at first if she does call. Good luck!

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Ok what's done is done and you learned your lesson about getting her number so you don't have to depend on her to get a hold of you. But another thing for you to realize is that you are not in a relationship with this girl just yet so you don't have anything to move on from, so get out there and keep talking to other girls whether she's going to call you or not.

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my advice is to not care about any of this man. i say just go crazy. heck i am in the process of going after multiple girls and i tell you that it all doesn't really mean anything. not thinking about it is your best asset and in the case of her calling, don't always expect that they will. in other words, don't count on it.


in this case we all go through it. girls don't always call back and for the most part, you're usually having to be the one to call. for many reasons. some just aren't interested enough to call because of all the attention they get, others are too nervous because of the attention they don't get, some don't call because they're too involved in their own lives to always put in the effort.


so man the best thing i've been finding for me is to not get too caught up in one particular girl, but to not just forget about them either. all these thigns like no contact, moving on and all that is dumb in the sense that it doesn't give you much credit. people will tell you that you could get hurt, but come on, the worst that can happen then is that they don't take your calls. which means what, that you wouldn't be talking to them either way. so which would you rather have? the opportunity for it to go further, instigated by you, or that it doesn't go anywhere which is what you originally thought anyways.

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