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I'm watching this older 48 hours show.

And there is this woman that was raped by a police chief!

I mean, talk about hard. You have to have guts to report a rape when the person that raped you is a police cheif.

I don't know, but it's starting to seem like rape is much more common than I originally noticed it to be.

Ummmm, why are their so many rapists?

I mean, is rape fairly normal and I just didn't know about it?

Is it like cancer, chicken pox, or a horrible accident? It just affects some people, if it happens to you....it's just an unfortunate part of life?


I don't know...if that were the case, maybe I'd feel more like a survivor.


I mean, rape has a tendecy to make me feel so dirty. But if I look at it as some sort of ____ I've survived, maybe that will help.


Ya, I don't want to feel dirty. I want to feel cleansed, new.


Anywho, I'm going on a special diet, I started today and it's great.


I've decided to give myself a new body for my new birthday.


I'm all about NEW right now.


But ya, I think that maybe I won't feel bad about myself because I was raped.


It's just that, I used to feel like "OH NO!" "Like I'm a big and huge trouble maker because I've been raped". Like, "now I'm going to inconvience someone else's life because they committed a crime against me".

I was so embarrassed, like something was wrong with me, or that I was abnormal because I'd been raped.

Most of all I felt weak.

I felt like I should be ashamed for not being able to protect myself.


And I must admit, sometimes it still hurts.....


..but at least now I feel like I can be normal again. Like the rape wasn't a sentence to a horrible life.


I'd rather think that it's some bad memory that I can get over...like times when I was sick and in pain...just a memory.


I mean, is that too much to ask? I don't want my name being associated with rape for the rest of my life.


Yes I'm a rape victim/survivor, but does that have to define who I am???


Anywho, I'll have to call the rape center again.


They promised to return my call last week. But I haven't heard from them.


Well, I don't know.

I guess that's my life right now.

I just think that I need to be around more people who've been raped.

I need to feel like I'm not alone, not estranged, not the odd one out.

I mean hearing about how that woman was raped and received no justice, made me feel like, maybe things weren't that bad for me.

The rapist later shot his wife and himself (both of them eventually died).

Why are so many women raped? Are we easy targets?

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Wow, that story is amazing about the woman raped by a police chief,


I have read and was informed that many rapes are by people in high-power positions,


I am not sure why other than maybe they think they have a higher chance of evading being prosecuted,


Rape is becoming increasingly more common, as 1 in 4-6 woman undergoes some form of sexual abuse during their lifetime,


And someone who is raped once is more likely to be raped again,


Don't feel abnormal or weak about being raped,


It was BEYOND your control,


Being a rape victim does not define who you are,


I know with my rape, no one knows except ENA members, and 1 friend, that's all,


I refuse to let it get in the way of my dreams/goals/happiness,


When the rape center calls, they never leave a message, and call from a private # so call them, because you may have missed their call,


You are not alone Grace, it happens to the best of us,


Why are woman raped? Rapists do not rape woman for the sexual aspect, it's to gain power. You and I were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What I was told is that it would have happened to me no matter what I had did, rapists are pros at conning people.


Are we easy targets?

I don't believe so, it was coincidental, however, do take note of it, and make sure you aren't out late alone, carry pepper spray, and just make sure you are practicing safety.





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Well I have never been raped per say however I have been sexually molested on numerous occasions by family members. And yeah in the beginning you begin to think it's your fault because you couldn't make it end. However, after learning that it wasn't my fault and that I was the victim I begin to realize that the people who molested me had to have been molested themselves because they would not have known about sexual activities because they were only like 5 years older than me at the time. So sexual assault/molestation/ and rape are epidemics and will continue on until everyone that who been hurt has been helped. So as a survivor you have to help those who you know have been hurt.




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Rape (and sexual abuse/incest/molestation) is VERY common, moreso than people think and it's seriously under reported too.


Yes that is so true a few of my old friends were raped and never reported it, never got help for it. they drink and do drugs well they did tha befor they got raped and i dont have anything to do with them now because they were the wrong crowed of people to hang out with.


My sister was attacked by a close friend of my mother, she reported it, they had pruf it was him but he was rich and payed his way outta it, if i ever saw him i would go crazy at him for what he did to my sis lucky shewas strong enuf to get him off her and run off.

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