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Certain ones are a turn-on.


I have my nose and two in my naval, and those are the only ones that I really like. I've had many others, but decided against them. I never wanted to fit in or be noticed because of them, I simply was curious or thought they looked good on me.


I think they can be cute if they are small and tasteful. Some males look good with their lip pierced or a cool one in their ear, but rarely. I like them more on girls.

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i've had several in each ear, belly-button and nose......now only wear one in each ear and one at the top.


Same as above really - just curious if they would suit me, also its a bit of a thirll getting them done. Nose didnt really suit me so took it out quite quickly. Had the bellybutton in for years and years - still think it looks great in a bikini - just fancied a change!


I quite like eyebrow piercings in guys - on the right face. Some lips look cool in guys. Dont like them on girls though.

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My piercing was very much a rite-of-passage/personal growth marker.


I had just gone through nearly a year of the job from hell in a very male-dominated environment. My husband describes that job like this: "They gave you a bunch of tissue paper and told you to build a bridge that could bear the weight of cars...then they told you you had to do it yourself." Despite not being given the proper tools or help to accomplish the job they expected, I managed to do ok for a little over a year...before I crashed and had a complete mental meltdown, but that was several months after I got my piercings.


So there was that "I am woman hear me roar and I am stronger and braver than these men I work for/with" aspect to it...and I was coming up on my 40th birthday...and it also felt like I was passing that last time point where I could've changed my mind about having kids (I never wanted or had any, and that's been a solid preference since I was 15).


So I got my nipples pierced. One of them never healed right, so I lost that one after a few months. It was never intended to be a fashion statement or a sexual turn-on for myself or anyone else (although my husband thinks it's hot). It was a very personal life-marker/personal ritual for myself.


I don't know that I could do it again (or get the one re-done)...that was a very specific set of circumstances where getting a piercing felt right. I haven't even thought about getting any other ones since then.

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It really depends on the person, but I do tend to like facial piercings on guys, provided it's the right piercing(s) for his face. Lots of ear piercings on guys can be a bit overdone imo, and nipple piercings on anyone are just not my thing.


I currently only have my ears pierced. I've considered getting more but I haven't done so becuase:

a) My body, especially my skin, can be really sensitive, and infections are not pretty.

b) Jobs - don't want to get a facial piercing and then have it be an issue in the future when I am applying for a new job.

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Piercings for me are a big turn off on women, well, the normal ear piercing is FINE, I don't mind that one single bit, it's quite nice actually.

But a girl with a nose piercing, or lip piercing or a piercing ANYWHERE else is a turn off for me...its not that much of a turnoff that I wouldnt date a really beautiful girl because she had a piercing in her naval or in her nose (nose and naval are ok with me, but still unattractive...it depends if it's a stud piercing or a bar piercing aswell, I like the studs better.).

If the woman still has me attracted, then I can look past those piercings quite easily, but yeah...when generally looking around at women, I tend to find things like eyebrow, nose, lip piercings a turn off...aswell as really huge ear rings...I mean, like gypsy ones, lol, and also chicks that have about 5 rings up the side of their ears....gaaaaah! that looks so horrible.

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Some kinds of piercings just make me squeamish, mostly at the thought of the pain that must ensue if one of them gets snagged.


I only have pierced ears, but when I was younger, my nose was pierced. I thought that looked pretty cool, actually. But when I see someone with their lips and eyebrows pierced, it kind of makes me shudder. Same with a nipple piercing.

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But when I see someone with their lips and eyebrows pierced, it kind of makes me shudder. Same with a nipple piercing.


Eh, it wasn't that bad. The anticipation of the event went on much longer than the event itself.


Although, I was in a very different sort of mindset when I had it done ("MUST...BE...STRONGER...THAN...THE...BOYS...."), so who knows how I'd perceive it now....

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